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Yarn Tamer


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I have 2 cats that LOVE to "help" me as I work on my crochet. I was at Joann's and saw a plastic jug with a hole in the top for 10 bucks. I was appalled at the price.


When I got home I just pulled out an old Gallon glass sun tea jar and I'm using it as a yarn tamer just using the pour spout in the lid to thread the yarn out.


Just a simple trick to save 10 bucks to spend on more yarn or supplies lol

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I did buy this yarn tamer,but I really needed it for the holes! Trying to keep four colors going at once was driving me nut,plus I can take the whole kit and caboodle with me,plus it did contribute to the cure. :pink The other nice thing is it has an attached accessories case. :)


yarn drum 001.JPG

yarn drum 002.JPG



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