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  1. I hear you about cats we are owned by four so last year I went to Dollar Tree and bought what we like to call our Window Tree. It is one of those flat trees that cost all of one dollar,I put a 3M Command hook on the window and hang the tree from it,I have used earrings for ornaments. I do have battery operated lights that I can use with it but I haven't bothered with them this year.
  2. I love the different front and back color combo and yes I agree the pooling on the handles is fantastic. One of the prettiest bags this year. Yes your poor wrist deserves a break.
  3. Love this two sided tote,somebody is going to be squealing loud with joy. I don't like mincemeat pie,I have never liked it,but I think that is because my family put some kind of alcohol in it and I have never liked that either. My family thinks I'm a bit weird because I don't drink alcohol,but that's okay just leaves more money for yarn.
  4. Congrats and Welcome to the Bag Lady Club.
  5. So is that little white thing with eyes a ghost or a marshmallow or a marshmallow ghost? Just wondering cause it's super cute.
  6. Gorgeous bag,the gifts are super cute,the name fits it to a T,awaiting the clues now.
  7. Congrats and welcome to the club.
  8. Wow I love the way this pooled,great fall bag. I love the wiggly pot holder too.
  9. Congrats and welcome to the club. Are you going to line yours? I've lined mine with plastic canvas but I'm thinking after all these years of lining mine with fabric.
  10. Congrats and welcome to the Club.
  11. Well today's clue clinched the state,will wait patiently for the next clues.
  12. Heck nine times out of ten I just used a big rock to tap on the strips of caps,way more fun.
  13. Beautiful. It's actually quite chilly in Michigan right now,at least my part. I'll take it,I don't do too hot too well. Can't wait for the clues to welcome the newest member of The Club.
  14. Welcome to the Bag Lady Club.
  15. Absolutely stunning. We don't have central AC here in our house in Michigan,we did finally buy a window unit for our bedroom last year,but the rest of the house we make do with fans. After more than twenty years of Maryland's heat and humidity the little bit we get here is a cakewalk. I hope everybody has a wonderful Summer this year.
  16. Welcome back to the Bag Lady club Owlvamp,may it serve you well and always be within reach.
  17. The forsythia here in Michigan has already bloomed and dropped it's petals. Now all our trees are getting their leaves. I love this month's bag it's perfect.
  18. Welcome to the Bag Lady Club Snowbear hope you feel better soon.
  19. Many an Easter Egg Hunt in Connecticut was done in the snow. The bag is very pretty looking forward to welcoming the latest member of the Bag Lady Club.
  20. Congrats and welcome to the Club!
  21. Well I know the state but that is all.
  22. Congrats Belinda Welcome to The Bag Lady Club.
  23. Gorgeous bag,my husband's birthday is on what he likes to say the day AFTER St Groundhogs Day. He's such a card.
  24. Sorry I missed this,I was traveling for the New Year and had no computer with me. Congrats Pink Glitter enjoy your bag and welcome to The Club.
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