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  1. cool...i like the colors together but am pleased to have the outside confirmation of my choices...he actually has no idea i've made this or could make this...
  2. made this one for a coworker whose wife is expecting a boy this month.
  3. here is the other RR i finished last sunday...this is Bernat jacquards Berries n Cream...
  4. yes, i love my stash...i just have a few smallish bags on the truck but 4 bins are at home
  5. started another RR for charity weekend...i ran out of yarn for my seahawks one and i need to get some more
  6. actually i was about to ask y'all what is the typical lapghan or baby size for rr's...i'm about done with the yarn i have...
  7. i've started one using lyn's pattern and some redheart soft yarn in seattle seahawks colors...gonna be for charity
  8. i made this for my little cousin for christmas. I used Lyn's Round Ripple http://project-angel-kisses.150m.com/roundripple.html I used RHSS blue, spring green and banana berry...
  9. try lyn's round ripple on cpc...sorry can't post link directly..also i found that a J hook works great with 1 strand...so you might want to try a N or P with 2... gonna ask sis if she wants a rr or rectangular blanket...
  10. made two washcloths with this pattern last night...wanted to try it out on something small because i've never done any type of ripple. The frilly-ness looks good on the washcloth will post pics in show - n -tell
  11. next charity cal i am so doing a round ripple...
  12. anyone want to rescue a poor truck driver on halloween? i will be heading from shelby nc to aberdeen nc. i deliver saturday in shelby and have two days to get to aberdeen for a 7 am pick up on tuesday...i will have the trailer with me though..
  13. I'm 30 and have been crocheting a few months
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