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  1. Took Kim g's class a while back but couldn't seem to get good project mojo going to make anything. Since I really want to make socks i decided to attempt using dpns and working on the round. Finally vlicked...straight needles are too long! So sticking with dpns and circulars
  2. so another one of Lyn's round ripples but this time in Mary Maxim's Sugar Baby Stripes in Fruit Smoothie. I bought this to try it out though the pics suck in both catalog and website. They need to swatch out the colorways.
  3. a 'goddess" afghan for a friend in Espresso a Round ripple in sugar baby stripes for a friend's neice a baby blanket in cascade cherub aran
  4. don't know about the rest but the position is like how they are in the womb so it's comfortable and comforting for them to be all scrunched up
  5. The Crochet Dude posted this on his facebook page a while back. Here is the link to the ravelry page for the pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/drop-in-the-pond-lap-blanket
  6. tmpinsnty

    Aunty's afghan

    made this for my Aunt out of RHSS in ranch red, coffee and fall ombre
  7. Surreybelle scarf from ravelry and Lynn's round ripple are my favorite's
  8. So helping my neverending ripple along with the princess bride and tequila...happy st. Patrick's day!
  9. cool...i like the colors together but am pleased to have the outside confirmation of my choices...he actually has no idea i've made this or could make this...
  10. i've some how bought like 6 skeins of caron ss in gray in the last few years...i'm trying to decide what type of afghan to make with it...
  11. made this one for a coworker whose wife is expecting a boy this month.
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