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    Crocheting for close to thirty years now love to do socks,afghans,RRs,etc. My goal is to cover my world with crochet!
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    Crocheting(of course) writing fanfics,reading,playing hoyle card,board and puzzle games on computer
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    Yarn Goddess
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    Socks,Afghans,Steering Wheel Covers,Shawls,RRs
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    A bit when I was younger,continuously since 1989

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  1. Mine is not a true BICO but I like it,instead of an offset sweater mine meets in the middle I used a self striping yarn and even managed to match the striping on each side.
  2. Thanks ladies I did figure it out,but then when I did the left side I started in the wrong place,so now I am semi-patiently frogging (I am using Lion Brand Landscapes yarn as I HATE Homespun) it's not an easy yarn to undo.
  3. You would think that but the pattern says for right sleeve than further down it says left sleeve. I really wish there was a YouTube video for this,but I haven't been able to find one.
  4. ...to the BICO sweater my math isn't coming out right. I know this is supposed to be a simple sweater and was all the rage a few years ago,but this is my first one. I'm just not understanding how when you chain out 17 and you already have 28 stitches that the final tally is supposed to be 62 not 42, Am I missing something completely? Has anybody done a video of how to make this sweater? The baby is due soon I want her to be warm this Winter. It's for a friend's baby.
  5. Are there still any active Michigan groups in the Detroit/Dearborn area? I miss going to my group back in Maryland,my husband and I moved to Detroit at the end of July 2013 so yeah just a couple of weeks ago!
  6. Sockmad

    Pillow to afghan

    I knew the ladies on here would know thank you ladies,if mine works I will try to post a picture!
  7. Sockmad

    Pillow to afghan

    Way back when when I was a teen into my twenties I seem to remember a pattern for an afghan that folded into a pocket to become a pillow,thus making it easy to store or use a different way. Anybody else remember this and if so where I might find the pattern? Thanks.
  8. Thanks Kathy I just knew the gals on here would know!
  9. Does anybody know where I can find the pattern for the baby sweater known as a BICO? Otherwise known as Baby It's Cold Outside. Several years ago one of our members made some that were featured on Grey's Anatomy,but I seem to remember there was a free pattern for it here on the Ville,but now I can't find it anywhere!
  10. Figured out the crochet version which is available over on Ravelry,free.
  11. Has anyone tried the crochet version? I have frogged TWO so far.
  12. I bought one and then gave it to my fiance because I can't STAND the rough feeling handle. I love my bamboo handled Susan Bates better. I am a VERY tactile person,certain magazine covers give me the willies as well,they have a weird rough surface,plus at $10 each just not worth it to me.
  13. Max (the saucy character) wears a GREAT gray brimmed crocheted hat that I would LOVE to figure out! Especially the brim. She in fact wears quite a bit of crocheted items.
  14. I've also seen a very similar pattern in Mary Maxim's catalog.
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