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  1. wow I found one in my town from the ravelry site thank you so much for posting that
  2. at the moment where I am joanne's had 30% off books and if you signed up for fliers or emails you get a coupon for an extra 10% off your whole order whether or not its on sale
  3. My Library where I live does the online books to download and its easy to copy from pc to the ereader
  4. I have to agree with cris when they first came out I thought about how I wouldn't like one because I like the feel of a good book in my hands. So much easier to curl up with I thought. I bought the Nook Color specifically because I was carrying a three ring binder around with patterns and photos for folks to preview for special order. Now I have it all in a slim little machine I love it. Also when I travel its wifi ready so I can stop at some wifi hot spots and check email and *cough*cough* my social media stuff. I do not plan to put many ebooks on it only a few for traveling. Oh and I love I can put videos, pictures and music on it another plus for traveling. lol as you can see I had many reasons to get my ereader.
  5. well I look at it like this I have a special order business and folks can check out patterns and photos of items I have for sale with out my taking huge binders all in a slim 10x6 machine
  6. if you go into your settings i just set mine to an hour time out
  7. I just received my new nook today its all charged up and at the moment I am copying patterns off the pc to the nook. I am very anxious to see what it can and can't do. I am hoping it will be an invaluable tool. how many of you use an ereader and how do you like it
  8. I just bought a nook color so I am anxious to put all my pdf files and other saved patterns on it it will make my life much easier for sure. How many of you use an ebook reader for patterns
  9. if not Maine is known for its crafters from Home spun yarns to special shops I know of several on the coast of Maine that sell yarns and craft items. here is name of a yarn store I did a Google search that's in Presque Isle Yarn Glass 'N More 830 Main St Presque Isle, ME 04769-2276 207-764-8300 (Phone)
  10. You are right they are different I missed the puffed up flower part I am sorry
  11. I think the one on Mary Maxims is done in a lighter weight yarn
  12. It amazes me when you buy something such as that skein of yarn and you wonder how it will turn out and its just lovely as a scarf and I can see it in an afghan now too that I have started the scarf add a bit of White or turquoise for a solid color and It would be lovely
  13. The Yarn is Called Summer Rose I bought it on Ebay its put out by Ice Yarns there is another company called Yarn paradise that sells the ice yarns I was able to get 8 skeins for less than 30$ its size 3 and acrylic
  14. It is the Pineapple Delight afghan on Mary Maxim's Site the kit And Tell me if I am not mistaken is the Lacy Swirls not the pattern you all are gaga about in the other post
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