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Raided Mom's stash!


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I'm down here visiting the parents in FL and my Mom told me to go through here old pattern books. So I dug through the cedar chest and found a falling-apart christmas sweater box with a stack of pamphlets and books! I don't knit, so I left those alone, but there are crochet pattern books ranging from the 1950s up through the 80s!


I've already found an afghan pattern I want called "Pineapple Squares." There's some rather awful 70's vests, a few cute mittens and a couple of shawls, about a dozen books/leaflets in all. There's also some instructions for "Hairpin Lace" which is made with a U-shaped holder, a small hook and thread. We'll have to see how difficult that is.


She used to do tatting too, but doesn't have a shuttle any more.


I can't wait to get it home and experiment! (I have a purse project planned out to work on while I'm here)

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