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  1. acraftylady is correct. I have a 3G iPad, you set up a seperate data account, it's not connected to any other account, the iPad even gets its own phone number (just for account reference, I think). There are 2 data plans, 250M ($14.99) or 2G($25.00) per month, and I don't even come close to using the 250M because there are so many free hotspots around. No contract, cancel when you want and start back up again. If this sounds like an iPad ad...well, I love my iPad and I'm a total enabler. My 70-year-old Mom has one now and hardly ever puts hers down!
  2. When I make a slip knot to start a chain, the tail end of the yarn goes into the knot and the long (skein) end is the slippy part that you pull tight. When I make a Magic Loop I make it backwards from that, so the tail end is the part that will make the loop smaller. Then crochet into your loop and pull on the tail to close it up. (and figure out how to secure the end so it doesn't loosen up on you again, I usually hold the tail along with the working end and crochet a stitch or two with the doubled yarn.)
  3. I flew last June with an aluminum hook in my carry-on tote. Even crocheted on the plane itself and nobody said anything. Going through security I put the hook on top of everything so it was easily visible and identifiable.
  4. I really prefer to see a pic right in the post, then I can get an idea if it's a project I want to make right away. I have quite a few threads subscribed in a "Patterns to do" folder and a quick glance at the pic reminds me just which one it is. I will occasionally click to a blog to see something, but not often.
  5. Hi dizzy, I made this one from Lion Brand's site and it was easy and worked up quickly. I made mine with Angel Hair yarn instead of Homespun, but I might use the Homespun to make another.
  6. I do the same as amydepew, Join the foundation single crochet with a slip stitch. It'll leave a bit of gap at the bottom of the stitch, but then use the yarn tail to close the gap there and it's all good!
  7. The current (Dec '10) issue of Crochet World has a stocking Cap pattern in it also. I'm dying to try it, but Darah's idea sounds much simpler!
  8. I wound up with some quilt cotton that I stitched and folded so the pattern is all on the outside, then stitched it into the purse. I think it turned out nice. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=121909
  9. I have a pattern impairment I simply can't make an item following the pattern exactly. I'm giving up and I'll continue to alter things as I see fit!
  10. Knedallfisha, the pattern is from the Stitch-N-Bitch Crochet book, it's not expensive and it's even less if you stop by a JoAnn's with a 40% coupon. Jolynn, how did you do your handels? did you keep decreasing the handle flaps until it was thin enough and then join them for a single handle? I was trying to think how and that's the best I could come up with.
  11. ...and it won't be the last! I really like this pattern. Since I'm incapable of following a pattern exactly, I made this bigger than it's supposed to be, I added 6 more increase rows (and a matching 6 decrease rows). The handles are larger too, 7.5" I think. It's made with Lion Brand cotton yarn in purple with cotton fabric lining. I still hate sewing, but the lining is doubled so the right side of the fabric shows inside and out. All I think it needs is some way to keep the handles together, perhaps a strap with a button. I'll have to see if I have any suitable buttons.
  12. I'm in the midst of making my very first Fat Bottom Bag (yay!). I've read the nifty blog about how to line one of these babies and it makes much sense, so my next question is... Exactly what kind of fabric do you use to line a purse? I'd imagine it should be a bit heavy to stand up to having stuff thrown in it. Since there are tiny spaces between the crochet stitches I guess it would look nice if the back of the fabric had some color to it. I'll admit to knowing less than nothing about fabrics, so what should I be looking for? This will be hand-sewn (not looking forward to it).
  13. I suppose if I really wanted to use a stitch diagram I'd just take the picture and reverse it in Photoshop, but I'd probably still confuse myself.
  14. Depends on how you look at your clock. If you're looking at the top of the dial (the numbers 10-2), then the hands going clockwise will be moving left to right. Actually, just look at an analog watch or clock, the hands are moving clockwise. I'm probably the last person to be talking about this...I'm left-handed and perpetually confused. I crochet backwards and do all patterns backwards, and I'm afraid to try a chart pattern for fear I'd totally mess up
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