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What size beads for different threads?


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I'm making some flowers with 3 different sizes of thread: #10, 20 & 30. I plan to use them to accessorize a crocheted sweater I'm making & to make a scarf.


If I remember correctly, for #10 thread a size 6 or E bead works best. Is that right? I have access to all sizes of seed beads because my DD Paula lives with me & she's a bead embroidery artist. What sizes would work best for size 20 & 30 threads? I'm trying to avoid reinventing the wheel by haivng to string many sizes of beads to see which ones work best. Also, Paula tells me that the Japanese seed beads usually have bigger holes.


Thanks & happy crocheting & beading!

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I like size 8 or 10 seed beads with size 10 thread,

I prefer 11 or 12 with size 20 thread,

and size 13 with size 30 thread,



Thanks so much Kathy! I've always admired your work. I have seed beads in pretty much all sizes. I don't think I could see well enough to use 13s, but it's nice to know I can use such small ones. This is exactly what I was hoping to hear!:clap

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