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    Bev Davis
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    I am a widow with 3 grown kids and 5 grandkids.
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    Santa Cruz Mountains, CA
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    Crochet (of course), knitting, reading, writing.
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    Just about everything!
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    Since 1970.

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  1. What a beautiful thing to do for your friend. It's amazing.
  2. How lovely! It must have been relaxing to come in at night to an atmosphere like that. Thanks so much for sharing. BTW, I just realized how much work it must take to clean these and reblock them again... Amazing.
  3. It's about time you were recognized for the beautiful work that you do. Congrats!
  4. Thanks so much Empress. Yes, I'll check that out. Of course I'm not planning to sell a pattern to anyone like other people suggested. As I stated, that is for my own grandson. Your ideas are really helpful.
  5. Thanks so much I wasn't thinking about that.
  6. Very pretty scarf! What stitch is that? Is looks like knitting.
  7. I have a 26 year old grandson who is into the Dolphins. Any suggestions for something fairly easy? Thanks!
  8. My grandson who almost 7 years old says he's into Minecraft. I don't know what characters he's into. Is there a standard pattern for this? I'd love to make him an afghan on the sly so I don't wanna ask more about it. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
  9. I love the whole thing. The doll is adorable, the clothing is terrific and the curly hair and hat just tops her off perfectly.
  10. Lovely clothes! You are one very talented lady.
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