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Yarn stash!


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Warning! If you already read my blog, then you can skip this post!

Some of the images are clickable.

Yippee! Yesterday I braved the afternoon heat (Mad dogs, Englishmen and me) to the yarn shop and picked up a few things:

The bulk of it was this unholy green mess 570 grams (=20 oz) at Rs 199 (about US$ 4.50):



which I spent all of this morning turning into this (partly):





It will go into the Reflections poncho pattern I am testing for Dot. I'm afraid I made her wait so long to test the pattern, though...:blush My only excuse is, it is about 43 degrees (110F) outside....I'm on it, though!!!


But I bought a fair amount of thread. Yummiest was this in size 40 (don't faint, I fell for its looks):





And also these in size 20 (ah, that's better!):





All the threads are Anchor, holding about 20 grams (=0.71 oz) at Rs 38 each (just about US 90c).


Then I also bought these polyester viscose threads which are also about size 20ish for Rs 40 each (again just less than one US$):


img05696yt.th.jpg img05700vw.th.jpg


I love the shades in the green, which starts off as yellow. I don't know what it is about variegated stuff...Though actually, it is very difficult to use in most patterns, I think. What do you think? Go on, tell me!


None of the threads has a pattern to go home to, although I think I might use some of it for my doily swap.

Also a couple of Pony hooks, 0.75 mm and 3.50 mm, nothing to blog about.


All in all I blew up about Rs 400 (about US$9). Not bad for someone who professes to have no stash, eh?


I'd love to know how these prices compare with your experience where you live. Please tell me, I'm dying to know.


Sorry for the long post, I couldn't resist showing off!

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