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  1. Elann.com has a forum where you can post your ISO there. You might have better response there.
  2. I love advent calendars! Please enter me in your drawing. Thank you.
  3. Please enter me for the doll and ornaments please. No babies here!
  4. My name is Margaret. Sending you a pm.
  5. Ok Deb, I looked. I don't have that one. I have Volume 6 Issue 11 but not the one you are looking for. Those issues are very rare.
  6. That's going to be hard to find. The Workbasket is no longer in print. I have a collection of Workbaskets and will look.
  7. I just checked my stash. I have #364 if that would work for you.
  8. Oh please put my name in the drawing. Thank you!
  9. KnitPicks has one for $19.99.
  10. As much as you want to get rid of. Donations would be wonderful. I am also willing to trade and/or purchase. I'm wanting to make a comfort afghan for my daughter who is recently widowed. She has a teenage son, so this has been extremely difficult for them both.
  11. Thank you Alaina! Looking forward to hearing from you.
  12. Just wanted everyone to know I received the hook holder and it is gorgeous! Thank you!
  13. I'm looking for scraps, partials, mostals or full skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn. Let me know what you've got (pictures would be great).
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