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Goin' Batty


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I guess I need to take a break from crochet because everytime I pick up my hook I can't finish anything. I'm making Halloween and Christmas Plastic Canvas right now. Hopefully, God willing, we'll be in our new house by then!

Here's my bat in the tree:


I figured you didn't get a very good view from the tree so I also took a picture on my outside table.


Hope you like him! Took me maybe an hour and a half. Now I'm working on penguin napkin holders for Christmas. I know some people don't like PC but I love it, when I'm in the mood for it.

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:cheer:clap:cheerThat is just too cute!!!! I really like him. I too enjoy PC but have to be in the mood for it. I haven't done anything in PC in a long long time, and keep saying that I am going to drag out all my stuff but find myself still picking up the :hook and :yarn:lol:lol.

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