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    Crocheting, Reading, Fishing, Playing PC Games, Various other Crafts
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    I will never be fired- I am a mother lol I am a full time student
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    Afghans, scarves, dishcloths, pot holders, just about anything of interest to me
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    On & Off since 1977
  1. :clap Sooo cute Darski!!! I need to gather me some dolls cuz I just love your clothes for them. Maybe I can adopt some from the thrift stores .
  2. Ty ty For some reason I have this fear (cuz it is my first) that I have not done something right :lol To be such pretty afghans it just seems way too easy
  3. I have finally started my first RR and I am using Aggie May's pattern that she so graciously shared with me (thank you). This is what i have got done so far and I am hoping that it is turning out right as this is my first one. What do you think??? Does it look like it is supposed to . Just another shot of my rr. Thanks for looking and sharing your thoughts and opinions :manyheart
  4. wow that is really pretty you did a great job thanks for sharing!!!!!
  5. absolutely adorable. I love making the cupcake purses and have added this one to my list to make. Good job!!!!!
  6. Wow!! I had no idea this even existed. Thank you all for sharing your information. This could be something I could work on, especially now that I am out of school for the summer and will have lots of free time on my hands. Time to really get busy and help those who are less fortunate than me. I will add this to my other charity projects. Once again thank you all for sharing!!
  7. I have been crocheting off and on since I was a kid, when my grandmother taught me. I definitely do not consider myself an expert or advanced because there are many things I have never crocheted such as a ripple afghan, toys, clothes and other various items (simply because I have not had an interest in crocheting those items), although I would like to try to make a rr and beginning to take interest in making the care bears. I had never seen a rr until I came here. I know all the stitches and can pick up a pattern and read it, and not interested in writing a pattern. I have found and corrected
  8. Very pretty!! Love the colors!! I have never seen the rrs until just a few days ago when I became a member here and I absolutely love them. I have spent hours looking at all the pictures of the ones all of you have made and they are absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to make one, but it will be a while as I need to finish the projects I have already got started. I just hope that I can do it .
  9. Oh my goodness Priszm, that is absolutely beautiful!!! I have seen several people here talking about the round ripple and that is the first picture I have seen of one. I want to make one of those, and I have plenty of yarn in my stash to do so.
  10. I am right handed (writing,crocheting,cutting with scissors). I can write legibly with my left my hand and do many other things with either hand.
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