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    I will never be fired- I am a mother lol I am a full time student
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  1. Well, that is a long story too lol He should have been a senior this year but he quit in his junior year and got his GED a couple of weeks after that so he is done with school.
  2. :hug:2hug:dance HI!!!! It is good to see you
  3. Thank you!!! It is good to be back and see lots and lots of familiar faces
  4. Thank you all!!! It has been a rough couple of years for me but things are slowly but surely turning around I hope to see you all around :manyheart
  5. :waving I knew some of you would recognize me LOL I am trying to get things back in shape and get back to my old stomping grounds
  6. :hug:hug Hi !!! Ty : ) it is good to see you:manyheart
  7. Let me re-introduce myself as I am not new but have been away from the 'Ville for a long long time due to life issues. A lot of you will remember me, as I made some friends here, where others of you will not I hope everyone is doing well and maybe I will get to start visiting again a little more often. Have fun and keep up with all the nice works.
  8. Hey Hey Hey!!! I haven't been around in a long long long time:( but I think that I know some of you and I can't hang around toooooo long because one person in particular is going to my behind. coughcoughnonamesmentionedcoughcough but I thought I would drop by her thread and say I am still alive and the email addy is still the same should you feel the urge to contact me. Everyone's projects and work looks absolutely wonderful!! Keep up the good work and keep
  9. :hug:manyheart:hug Hello Besties!!!! I see that a few of you are still here along with some new faces. It has been soooooooooooo long since I have been here so I will try to catch up with you the best I can. I am still working, unfortunately at the same job, but at least I have one. I am looking for another one but just have found the right one yet. The new BF and I are still together (will be a year July 17th). Wow it doesn't seem that long, but things are going good between us . I have had some serious issues in the last year with the hypothyroidism. The first incident happened last May. I was at work and had severe dizziness, lost focus and ended up at the hospital only to be told that my thyroid levels were to high. The last incident happened in March this year. I was on my way to work and passed out . Thank goodness I didn't wreck my truck and was able to make it (barely) to the side of the road before I passed out. When I came to, my truck was just gently rolling down the shoulder of the road. I don't know how long I was out, just thankful I was ok and no accident. Once again my thyroid levels were extremely high. I am on medication and seeing a dr but they just can't get it controlled . I went through a period of financial hardship with the extra expenses of medical bills. I ended up doing away with my internet/cable and other extras till I got back on the upward swing of things. At the time I only got on the internet when I was at DBF's house and didn't spend much time on it then. Youngest DS started having issues at school, so we ended up pulling him out last October/November. At first we thought it was just him being deviant, but after working with the GED instructors we discovered his problem was the fact he wasn't being challenged enough. He was a junior working on a college freshmen level. He tried talking with the school counselors/teachers but they all just blew him off. I even tried talking with the school counselors and it went in one ear and out the other He was still taking classes the he had already taken in TN and wasn't getting credit for them here. Which means that he may not have graduated with his class because he would have been credits short. I think DS was just frustrated and thought he was wasting his time. But now he is doing great!! He completes his GED tomorrow . He works part time for his GF's grandparents at their business. Life seems to be looking up for him now. Yes I am still when time permits. As usual, I still have more WIPs/UFOs than I have FOs. That hasn't changed. I spend a lot of my time on FB playing all those little games like Farmville and Frontierville. I am addicted. Stacey is one of my neighbors:clap. She and I exchange gifts quite regularly . DBF and I adopted a new fur baby. His name is Murphy. His original name was Kolby, but I just didn't care for that name for a dog. He belonged to the GF of one of DS's BFFs. She was not able to keep him at her house and kept moving him from home to home. She asked DS if I would take him. After debating and discussing it I said . Then one night DS called and said mom you should see this poor dog. He has been staying with BFFs sister for the last week and he is "super skinny" (DS choice of words). So DBF and I talked about it and told the sister to bring him to us. This dog is a pit bull/mastiff mix was 6 mos old and only weighed 30 lbs. So I took him to the vet the next day because he wouldn't eat/had no energy. He was severely malnourished but thank goodness all the other blood work checked out fine. He is now 10 mos old, big as a horse and very healthy. He still has a few issues but doing very well. We have to keep him kenneled when no one is home as he will destroy the whole house. We found that out a couple of times. I think that pretty much sums up what has been going on here the last year. I have missed visiting with you all and hope that you are all doing GREAT!!!! I am on ravelry (same user name) and visit there regularly. I am about starting a group there (they even have chat rooms for the groups). It just feels strange to me coming back here after being gone so long. I feel lost and out of place . But I was thinking about you all and wanted to stop in and say :hiand that I miss you!!! Sending out lots of and :2hug to each and every one of you.
  10. :day:ty I received a beautiful purple/variegated square from Pat. Thank you so much it put a big on my face after a rough week at work .
  11. Hi Besties!!!! Went back to work yesterday and boy was I tired . I will try to answer the questions you all asked. Yes, I am back on medicine for the thyroid issues. I have Hashimoto's Hyperthyroidism, BUT have been known to go from hypo to hyper for short periods of time. This time, they think that my immune system attacked and killed the thyroid gland, which I hope is what happened (although it sounds bad). I have been dealing with uncontrollable hypothyroidism since 1999. So if it is now dead then I can just take a maintenance dose of medicine and go on my merry way and hopefully all the problems/side effects/symptoms, I have dealt with in the past will go away. I have to go back to Dr in June too, Vicki, so they can do lab work again. I am finally getting back around to my . I am digging thru all these boxes of yarn and finding all the UFOs and MAKING myself get them done before starting anything new . I work on one UFO till I get bored with it and pick up another one . I am if I continue with this method I will have them all done sooner than I think . I have also banned myself from looking at any new patterns, as that seems to be my problem of not finishing anything. As I get thru I will post pictures so that you all can see what I have gotten done. My friend from NJ is doing great Joanne. And in answer to your other ? from FB, I am planning a trip to NJ hopefully in October, which will be my early Christmas . Well Besties, I have to run now. Josh just came in from school and I have to take him to turn in some job applications as he turned 16 last Thursday so he is anxious about getting a job . Take care and hope that you all have had a great day and have an even better evening. Sending out lots of :hugand to you all.
  12. Hi Besties!!!! I know, I know I have been awful lately about posting over . I just spend too much time on FB farming, planting crops, taking care of animals, cooking, managing a hotel, I just love it . I haven't done a whole lot the last week as I have been off from work, per Dr's orders. I got really sick and had a bad dizzy spell at work a week ago friday. Went to the ER and all of it is related to my hypothyroidism (or they think). I am now on the road to recovery I hope. I hope everyone is doing well and hope that you all are having a great weekend. It is chilly and rainy here so not much going on. Think I am going to curl up on the bed with my and and AND listen to an audiobook for a while. Take care and sending out lots of and to you all!!!!!
  13. I have been kinda MIA for a while :( due to some very serious health issues. I did get some squares made but didn't get them packaged or mailed before I got sick . I haven't done a whole lot of crocheting but feeling better now and hope to get that fired up again this evening and get to . Hopefully I can get what I have gotten done, packaged and in the mail soon :xfin:xfin. I have posted in the Thank You thread but will also post here: :dayto those of you who have sent me some very very beautiful squares. I truly love them and they all will make my friendship ghan turn out absolutely gorgeous :yes.
  14. :birthday to us!!!!!!!!Sorry I haven't been around much. Seems like all I do is work, come home to do chores, do my FB stuff and go to bed. I haven't anything in weeks . I have lost my ambition. Things are going well here and the job is working out great. Today I am cleaning a little but not much, mainly just catching up on the laundry. I swept and mopped, cleaned the bathroom, dusted the living room this week on various days after work. I still need to clean my room and it is a disaster . I hope you all are doing great. I need to come over and spend a couple of hours reading and catching up with everyone. Take care and hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Lots of :hugand to you all .
  15. HI Besties!!!!! Haven't been around here much. Been working a lot and then hanging out on FB taking care of my farms, fish tanks, zoos, etc etc . My company came from NJ and we had a blast last weekend. Last pay period I worked 11 days straight before I had a day off and I am now working on my 6th day of a ten day stretch . Can't wait for the weekend to get here :yes:yes. Other than working a lot, not much happening here.Haven't been much either. But would really like to get back into it but just don't feel like it when I get off from work and then come home to all the household chores such as dishes, laundry, mowing the lawn, and the list goes on and on. I hope all of you are doing well, which I do see most of you on FB . Just wanted to stop in and say HI and send out lots of and to you all as I think of you often.
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