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  1. Thanks! Would never have known to look for it!
  2. Checked out Annie's newest catalogue and ordered some of their Christmas patterns - the ones for Christmas hotpads and the Santa wallhanging were really neat! Maybe you guys would like to take a look---I just thought they were a little nicer than usual. I will say this site (Annie's Attic) is easy to order from and I have never had a disappointment with whatever I ordered. Not too fond of some of their other stuff-their afghans seem complicated to me--but their decorative holiday patterns are cute!
  3. Great job! Very merry christmas tree is very very cute!
  4. Thanks for the cute pattern link!!My daugher and family just moved into their first home ---she does so well with decorations. Now I will surprise her for once!
  5. I just finished making Chester. I am sorry I have no way of transmitting a picture, but he can be found in all his arachnid glory on the Annie's Free Pattern website. You can download the pdf pattern for free. Chester is a really cute guy for Halloween!
  6. :manyheartLove these! Thanks for being so generous!!
  7. I like Crochet today. More variety and more interesting all-around. Crochet World used to be much better than now; too many doll patterns, some of their patterns are pretty useless. I still buy it though, old habits die hard. I think supporting crochet magazlines generally helps to bring the art of crochet to the attention of beginners and the younger generation!
  8. I made some fish for my grandson and used very many bright and unusual colors. Yes, they didn't look llike lake fish or anything, but how he loved them! Cotton is a good choice.
  9. It would be very hard to use your talents if you are not emotionally invested in doing it for a gift. I would not crochet a gift if I felt under duress.
  10. Great,great site. Not as "personal" as the ville,but a multitude of patterns free and otherwise, I joined some of the "groups" available on the site, such as "Sugar N Cream" Lovers" (an example.) To really enjoy the site, join a few groups that interest you. They will tell you about the group thing. I try to keep from spending too much time on it, but its reallly neat, second only to the Ville!
  11. I like PC but haven't done much of it. The bat is fabulous .
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