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Kitchen Scrubber Poem

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We had a bridal shower for my daughter yesterday and among her gifts was a set of little crocheted scrubbers (sorry I don't have a picture). These scrubbers were made out of the large tulle and are very scratchy...perfect for washing dishes! They were made by a little girl who had crocheted them herself and attached was a cute poem that I wanted to share. It was listed as author unknown.


I'm a handy scrubber

I won't get dirty, I won't sour,

I'll just simply clean and scour.


I'll wash your dishes,

Your pans I'll scrub,

I'll even attack the ring in your tub.


I'll stay so pretty

and I won't shirk,

If you'll let me do your dirty work.


I know there are tons of fantastic scrubber patterns out there and I thought this was a great gift idea for anyone's kitchen...so I did a search and came across a site with some Christmas scrubber poems here http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/crafts/msg1009143526369.html

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Brilliant! Crotchet kitchen scrubber is great. And such a tool is not hard to make. I have saw a tutorial about how to knit a kitchen scrubber with tulle. Although I can't write a poem, last week I made my first knitted kitchen scrubber with tulle. I found it is very effective for cleaning dishes.  :D

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