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  1. I got a pattern to make a dish scrubber with tulle and cotton yarn. Have tried to knit that scrubber and use the knitted as a disposable scrubber and as an alternative to my purchased kitchen scrubber. Work pretty good!
  2. I found a tutorial on how to knit a dish scrubber with cotton yarn and tulle. For regular dish washing, I prefer an antibacterial kitchen scrubber.
  3. I have knitted a dish scrubber with cotton yarn and tulle. It's my favorite alternative to silicone sponge in my kitchen.
  4. Brilliant! Crotchet kitchen scrubber is great. And such a tool is not hard to make. I have saw a tutorial about how to knit a kitchen scrubber with tulle. Although I can't write a poem, last week I made my first knitted kitchen scrubber with tulle. I found it is very effective for cleaning dishes.
  5. That is not a good idea, I think. For me, I like bath puff that can dry fast. So I won't use cotton to make shower puff. Also, I would like to choose a puff that can create lots of foams and lathers so mesh pouf would be good. So I will pick out a loofah sponge instead.
  6. looks good. Gonna to crochet one.