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Sugar Glider Bedding


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For a little while I've been experimenting with crocheted fleece. It makes awesome beds for Sugar Gliders and small animals that like snuggly places to sleep. Basically, I just cut the fleece into 1/2" strips and use a... huge? :lol crochet needle to work what I want to make. Some of my little works of art are below.


th_S4020184.jpg <--Strawberry (The hole is where the glider can get in. it is hung by the stem on top)

th_S4020180.jpg <--Elephant Head (The nose is the entrance on this one)

th_S4020178.jpg <--Piggy (Entrance is a heart-shape on the back)

th_S4020150.jpg <--Chicky (Entrance is under his wing)

th_S4020141.jpg<--Bunny (Entrance is on the back)

th_S4020121.jpg <--Last but not least, the bee hive)


They're nothing absolutely special, but I think it's a nice idea for small pets to have cute stuff. I'm tired of the igloos and the hollowed out tree logs! :P

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Wow! I am absolutely humbled. I have been crocheting rugs and baskets from fleece strips, but nothing nearly as nice as yours. Great work! And I must admit, I had to go look up what a Sugar Glider was. Learn something new every day.


I made a post in the "Clinic" section... maybe knowing how I cut the strips will help your projects go more smooth. :think But again, I'm a newb at this crochet stuff, so I don't know how big of a help I can really be. :lol

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