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  1. ThePlushPets


    I LOVE the usage of screws and a pen spring to make him EXTRA creepy! Awesome job!
  2. For anyone who owns a Sugar Glider, this pattern is one they'll love! Mr. Munchie is one of my favorite patterns. He's quick. He's easy. He's comfy! My Sugar Gliders have loved him since day one, and now yours can smoosh in style! You can download it here! http://flyingmarsupial.com/patterns/mr%20munchie.pdf What a sugar glider? Find out more here: http://www.glidercentral.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php
  3. I've been working really hard on making tiny patterns for a new book that I'm hopeful of getting published. I think I finally have this pattern down, and it's coming out the same way every time now! I do need 4 testers for it, but it'll be a little while before I get this pattern into a readable/workable format, as it's just symbols and scratches on a scrap of paper in my wallet right now. Isn't that how they all start though? Here are pictures and an explanation at my blog... please leave me any feedback that you wish and let me know if you'd like to work up this 30-minute piggy! He's really cute and easy. My blog post explains it best.
  4. Lion Brand has one that's about 8" tall, but I don't know of any large ones. Sorry!
  5. OH! Sorry I didn't see this sooner, you're welcome to check out my little guys on my photobucket: http://s187.photobucket.com/albums/x276/flyingmarsupial/Bulldogs/
  6. AWW! I have 2 frenchies and I've been working on making a decent sweater for hem for a LONG time but... I can't get it right! Funky little bodies! LOL I love what you've done! Great job!
  7. Has anyone had any adventures in brushed crochet, as shown here: http://littlegreen.typepad.com/romansock/2007/09/a-legion-of-pom.html I'm trying to make that little pom, but I gotta say, after brushing him, I don't know how he's going to turn out Any tips?
  8. HOORAY! I'm so glad you tackled it and finished! Awesome job!
  9. are you asking how to make the strips join when you're cutting them, or making 2 strips that were never of one unit to be joined? JUST want to make sure I understand.
  10. Hello back from Cincinnati! I'm a newby crocheter, but I'm learning QUICK! Welcome!
  11. Not at all. After having to sew a bonding pouch for a sugar glider with a removable maxipad pouch in the bottom so they won't pee on you... no. Not at all.
  12. Perhaps a hat, or headband? I always just make amigurumi animals out of small amounts of yarn. There are really cute patterns available on http://www.planetjune.com for animals. I hope you make something fun!
  13. ThePlushPets

    Small Bears

    I LOVE making bears. Yours are really cute! I love the different colors.
  14. The big stitching looks great on that hat! Awesome job!
  15. Awww Cute! Good job! I've been trying for a purse for a while now, but I always start one and stop because I decide I don't like it anymore. LOL
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