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  1. I too would love to have this pattern. Please let us know if you decide to sell it. Debby
  2. Can someone please tell me where I can find the pattern for this? The link is no longer working... Thank's Debby:D
  3. I love this pattern and your doll. She is so cute. I am going to have to check their catalog and see if she is still available. Thank's Darski Debby
  4. Wow, what a gorgeous sweater. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern@ Debby
  5. She is so cute. I was wondering if you ever finished her??? Debby
  6. Wow He is absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to see his amp. Great job. I bet the little guy is going to love him. Debby
  7. The dress is beautiful and I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing. Hope that sweet baby continues to improve and gets to pass your beautiful dress on to her baby one day. Debby
  8. I live in NC and cowl neck sweaters are a really big thing here this winter. All the stores around me are selling them and alot of people are wearing them. They are especially popular in those "teen" stores here in the malls. Debby
  9. Hello and Welcome to the "ville" from a fellow North Carolinian. Debby
  10. DebbyQ

    Bowling man

    Those are sooooo cute. YOu did a wonderful job on them. They just make you smile. LOL Debby
  11. I've been looking for a simple slipper pattern to use for charity. Thank you for sharing the link and I love the color (my favorite) of your slippers. Debby
  12. DebbyQ

    The hide-and-seek-toy

    I think he is adorable, but you should give him some funky/fuzzy silly hairdo. LOL And I love the idea of different outfits for wherever you hide him. How cute! What were your original plans for him?? Debby
  13. DebbyQ

    Big Snake

    The snake is adorable and I hope all goes well for your son. Debby
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