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Suggestions for use: pins, magnets, baby gift pkg toppers, clothing decorations, Christmas ornaments, anything you want! If you put a magnet or pin on the back of the gift toppers they can be two gifts in one! (Darski has an excellent suggestion for pins, magnets, anything you will see the back on-glue or sew on a small felt circle to hide your embroidery)




Darski tested for me, she is soooo wonderful! Isn't her baby cute?? And thank you again for encouraging me to post this, Darski!





Baby Bee

You can use all ww if you want, doesn't matter. :)

-small amt worsted wt bright yellow

-small amt spt wt white

-small amt spt wt preferred "lace" color

-1/2" white two hole button (could use four hole but would have to play with the pacifer to make it look right)

-any size hook you want-gauge doesn't really matter, just makes a bigger or smaller bee-I would recommend a smaller size hook for the bonnet and

lace to give it the more delicate appearance (I used a G, E and B)


In case I forget to mention this, join each round of head.


To start: Make a magic ring OR chain four and join. 4 sc and 5 dcs in ring, join to beginning sc.

HINT: If you make a chain four and work OVER your tail you can pull on it after this round to make the hole pretty small. Works great if you haven't got the hang of the MR yet.


R1: ch 1, 2 sc in the next 6 st, 3 sc in the next dc, 2 sc in each of the last two st (19 st)


R2: ch 1, sc in joining stitch and each stitch around, join and fasten off (20 st)


Find the four sc that make the chin at the bottom of the head, it should be fairly easy, working from the right side of the head join white with sl st in the FIFTH st, Front Loop only.


Row 1: 2 sc in first 8 st, 3 sc in next st, 2 sc in last 7 st (33 st)


Thank Darski everyone for working out the math on this one!!! I dedicate this bee to her for all her help!!!!


R2: turn, ch 1, sc around, fasten off white.


Chain 30 with "lace" color, sl st in BOTH loops of first sc on last row. (both loops gives it a bit more stability)


R1: (ch 3, 2 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc) in Front Loop of first sc, sk next sc, sc in third st, sk next sc, (3 dcs, 2 ch, 3 dcs {shell}) in next. Repeat the sk, sc, sk, shell pattern to the end. If I did this right you will end with a shell, after the shell sl st to the last sc. (this whole row is FL)


ch 30, fasten off


Embroider face or use beads



Take the spt wt color that matches the "lace" and leaving a long tail at the beginning ch 10. Fasten off leaving another long tail.


Using a sewing needle to get the through holes, thread one tail in each hole.


Making sure the pacifer handle stays centered, sew one tail over the two holes several times. If you want, drop that tail and use the other to do the same thing. After making sure the button and handle are secure and centered, weave in the ends however you prefer.


Enjoy your baby bee!


My baby on hat


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My practise bee is sitting under my monitor looking as cute as ...well as a little bee. :wlol


It really is a nice pattern and I want to thank you for letting me test it for you.


I see lots of people are looking at your pattern. good stuff.

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This would be cute to use as a pacifier catcher if you add a tail and use a safety pin on the back. Very Cute!

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