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  1. That owl is so cute! I think Ill have to add this to my want to make list!
  2. I get mine from Hobby Lobby they also carry dog and cat noses! I love the washer backs as they are safe for small children! Also a tip I have found to make it easy to put the washer backs on is to get one of those tools that have attachments like interchangeable heads of different size screw drivers etc. Anyway it has a handle and the washer fits perfectly on to smash it down on the eye! I hope that is not confusing! I dont know what that tool is called but I snagged if from my hubbys tool box! lol
  3. It is a dark pink color. I may have found someone with it that is willing to mail it to me! Thankyou so much Anne!!! Thanks everyone for looking in your stashes!
  4. Hello Everyone! Been a long time since I have been on here! I have been busy working on a Bachelor's degree in Human Services and being a full time mom I have no time for crocheting! I have a neice that was born on March 28 weighing 3 pounds 15 oz and she is still in the NICU. I have been making her a blanket out of yarn I already had and I need a little more of the Rubine Red Caron yarn! If anyone has some they are willing to part with I am willing to pay if its reasonable. I checked my local walmart and hobby lobby and they do not have it! I would be appreciative! Thank you so much! Angie Blount
  5. I love this doll! Is there any chance you will ever write the pattern down to sale?
  6. How much time do you have till the shower? This gave me an idea for my sister in law's baby shower coming up in Oct. She is having a girl and has requested I make her lots of hats, booties, head bands, dresses, and skirts! So my idea is make up at least 2 of each and string them on a line with the wooden clothespins to hang up at the shower but that will be part of her gift that is functional! I think I will also knit this blanket I found that has x's and o's on it is so cute! Also I have found a block that has a baby face on it. I am not sure where I found this and will have to dig it up if you are interested in it but I thought maybe make up different blocks ( there is a pattern for a girl and boy) and you can hang them for deco but after the shower link them to make a small blanket for the baby. Another idea is you can make a small doll for the middle of the garland then you can make a little bottle, rattle, diaper, booties, hat, and small shirt ( maybe to even fit the doll) to decorate on the sides of the doll. You could also use this for a wreath. Found the link for that babyface block I was talking about! http://crochetroo.blogspot.com/2007/03/bonnet-babies-crochet-square.html
  7. Oh I love plants! I love that Annie's pattern! I don't remember what book I was looking at but it had an ivy motif in it. I will try finding the name of it for you! Good luck and congrats on your new house!
  8. I am glad I am not the only pattern hoarder! I have tried to keep mine a little organized in file folders, I have a folder patterns in pdf, then lots of folders under that...baby, toys, clothes, misc, blankets, dolls, etc...but I have found I get in a hurry and just save the under the main folder and then I have all these patterns mostly named with numbers or some kind of code! LOL. Good luck organizing!
  9. notwprintcess, I love your kerchief dolls those are adorable! I was going to ask you where you got the pattern but I saw someone else was thinking the same! I may attempt one for my cousins baby as a softee doll or my first doll sort of thing. Thank you!
  10. Jessica, I to am not crazy about the original one but the ones in the show and tell are adorable! I might make one to go with a skirt pattern I may post! Thanks!
  11. I bought a baby pattern off of etsy by Crea Me. It is the cutest doll and it comes with a pattern for a diaper. I posted a pic of them under a thread I did for Christmas if you want to see a picture of it. It wasn't that expensive either. She also has a few clothes for it but I made the ones for Christmas with an I hook and Red heart super saver yarn and newborn or premie size clothes would fit them.
  12. Karen that is so cute! I am not sure who posted a link but the one with the monkey, giraffe, aligator and the other animals is cute! I wish that was something I could do when I was looking to decorate a nursery 5 years ago!
  13. Thank you this will be great for my nephew for christmas!!
  14. This is the cutest bear I have seen! Thank you for sharing the pattern I just might make one!
  15. I love this very cute! I think my boys would like this as they like monsters vs aliens right now! Great job!
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