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    just a homebody kinda person
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    so. california
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    crocheting,sewing, some crafts, spending time with my grandsons
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    cashier at a hardware store
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    baby blanket
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    so long can't remember, 1974
  1. Welcome, where in Calif. do you live? jaye
  2. V-stitch, Large Granny Sq. are also fast do up. jaye
  3. While reading the previous RE: that is Why I asked the question I asked. Why the so rapidness to make a blanket? I still think it's an easy way to get freebies of yarn. Whether you take forever to make the blanket yourself, she or loved ones after a loss is still gonna be the same. How are they gonna feel more comfort & ease when they cover up with a blanket that you totally didn't make. And So Sorry if you may feel offended, but I'd wouldn't feel anymore comfort knowing that someone did the majority of the work. I would of felt better knowing that the person who was giving
  4. very nice, but looks like alot of work. i liked the pumpkin one. jaye
  5. Can anyone please explain this for me. I don't understand why people on Crochetville are always requesting for sq.s for other people? If they want to make a Comfortghan for a person that they know, why don't they just make it themselves. Then people request specific colors. Plus if they get the blanket, how is it going to make the person feel better? I can understand already made blankets to donate to Neo-Natel Hospitals or to the Elderly. But requests to send someone free-sq's is I don't understand. Someone please explain it to me. I think it's free hand outs to have to make th
  6. try double crocheting, it's wayyyy much easier. jaye
  7. nana5boys

    Zig zag afghan

    very nice... jaye
  8. Wow, in your picture, the'res lite ard. her. When I went there she was sitting in a dark area. Did you notice that there was hardly any crochet items? In previous yrs. the're used to be a great selection of crochet items. Each yr. it's less & less. More quilting items than either Crocheting or Knitting. It's a shame to see. jaye
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