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  1. There is no reason to offer them for free unless the photographer is offering you a photoshoot specifically of your pieces and images that will belong to you for advertising purposes for yourself etc. If they just want them to use to photograph during sessions in which their clients pay to use the prop and have the photos taken there is no reason to give it away. I would charge them full price, perhaps if you are feeling generous offer a 10% discount in return for them recommending you as a prop maker for other photographers they know. I am involved with my local community of photographers and they all go out and purchase things to use as props and never ask for them for free. Just saying your items will be photographed is not compensating you as it is her clients recieving the images not you. Hope this helps you
  2. WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!! So happy to say I logged in today to see the colour change and it's been narrowed slightly I think too and it's great!!!! I can read it easily again and am looking to forward to browsing while I have a spare hour of time up my sleeve today!! Great job!! And I didn't mean to criticise your team about "modernising" had no idea it was template software forcing you to it's all good lol. Keep up the great work guys!!
  3. Hi from a fellow Aussie!!! I'm from Bundaberg Queensland and we were just devastated by the worst flood on record. Have come here to escape it all a bit and back to my crochet therapy. Love to see Aussies here!!!
  4. Haha awesome thanks Im guna try these
  5. Well as I have only just re-joined I can only tell you what the difference is between it a few years ago and now. I agree with other that it is very hard to read with so much white space. I have to wear glasses/contacts and I cannot handle glare. Now when I look at threads my eyes are watering from the glare and I'm having trouble reading anything at all. Font I notice it still the same and that's fine when I can see it. You have said you are working on that so I look forward to it improving. Second the idea of it being too wide also. That creates more white space and when you are using a laptop like mine it has a 17"monitor I am having to look from side to side and it throws out my focus too. I don't think you guys need to try and modernise it to be like every other website/forum out there. That's why people like it here. I noticed straight away when I joined yesterday the difference and was quite dissapointed that I can no longer read the site properly and cannot spend as long on here due to glare giving me migraines.
  6. Thanks everyone so excited to be here again
  7. I don't know who's cuter
  8. Very cute just need the fries to go with lol
  9. Sarah Jane

    Turtle and Giraffe

    That's what it's all about Great work
  10. Sarah Jane

    Snowball fighters

    They are cute. I love the one with the long hat on the right-he looks jamaican to me lol. Great work
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