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Phat Hats Crochet Along


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Guest KnottyMouse



the pattern for the hat I made is called Coronet and you can find it in the archives of http://www.knitty.com. I was terrified of doing cables because they seemed so complex.. but they are actually really easy and fun. Coronet is great because the band is one continuous cable and you can really just get into the repeat pattern and learn how to anticipate your cable twists without counting rows



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Hey Ladies and Gents-


I know I am a bad host to the PH crochet-alongs, so to prevent your work from not being shared, I am allowing you all to upload and post your own pictures to the gallerr. To do so just go to here and register. Then you can add your hats to the Phat Hats gallery. Many hats are already there, but if you notice that yours is not, just add it. I hope this helps with the PH motivation. Keep crocheting and enjoy your Turkey-Day.



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