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Phat Hats Crochet Along


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DawnsRays wrote:


Hey everyone,

I finally made a hat that wasn't a skully. I don't look good in just any hat, like some lucky people (my sister, for one). So it took awhile to come up with one. I made this one after many trial and errors from other peoples patterns. I need to refine the pattern a bit to fit different types of yarn. I'm working on it in RH Tweed right now.


Cool Cloche





Wild Yarn

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Hey Everyone. I know I have been MIA but things are hectic. I just started teaching a week ago and as a new teacher, things are crazy. I have added all pictures to the gallery and fixed the errors that were pointed out to me. If anyone has not been added to the list of Phat Hats, please let me know.




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Guest KnottyMouse

<img border=0 src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v163/msmousieb/finishedtam.jpg" />

ok.. this is my finished tam hat - Woolese worsted weight yarn in Wheat, Mink Brown, and Loden. size I hook. I started out using a pattern online but dropped it after the pinwheel looking thing in the center. I like the hat but am not happy with the fact that it doesn't lay flat on my head but bunches up in little bumps. My son looks really cute in it.. so it might be his.

<a href="http://www.knottymouse.blogspot.com" target="_new">Mouse</a>

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I don't know if this will count for the Phat Hats, being that it's a wig, but it's still a head covering. :bad


Edited to add the link to where I got the pattern. Hallowig . BTW, it is knitted.



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