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Newbie HAT Crochet-a-Longs (CAL)

Cranky Crocheter

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here is a few tips to make a hat fit:yay

chain 4 ish join with sl st, chain 2

12 dc in ring, join with sl tp to ch 2

2 DC in each DC, join with sl st, ch 2

keep doing this, but on each row add a dc in one stich in between the 2DC in DC

eg row 1 - 1 DC in next stich, 2 dc in next stich reapeat around

row 4 - 1 dc in next 2 stiches, 2 DC in next stich , repeat

row 5 - 1 DC in next 3stiches, 2 DC in next stich, repeat


can u see the pattern?

when the cirlce is big enough for the crown of your head, maybe a bit smaller

just DC in each stich , make till long enough


hope this helps??? :lol

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Here are two of my finished hats.....the striped one is Lion Wool, and the other is a cotton yarn that I don't recall the name for..... :(



The color on this picture is really crummy.....:angry The solid one is navy blue, and the striped one is blue and teal......

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Yeah, the navy one already has a home! I'm taking them both with me to the bowling center on Saturday - one of the other teens in our youth league will want it, I'm sure!

I'm working on another one for my 15yo son, out of Cascade Quatro. It's what's left over after my felted hook case.......

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I made two more!! One for my son TJ, and one for a friend of his at school........M's hat was done in Homespun - I forget the color. TJ's hat is camo, with a black stripe. I don't care for the way it turned out - it just looks like a round box. :think:eek But he loves it!


M called for TJ last night and I answered - he thanked me again and again for the hat......it made me feel really good. :yay

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I just found this website yesterday and am going to join in your hat-a-long. I love wearing hats especially as we have nasty winters here. I am a fair beginner, being able to do a single, double or triple. Hopefully I can get into town (1/2 hr away) soon and get some yarn to make a start. I love all the work so far. I am also about to have a baby in 9 weeks so I this will be a good practice run for making littler things.

Great to join in with you all. Will post a picture asap.


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