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    Mom to 2 young men, grandmom to 2 of the cutest little guys in the whole world!
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    Columbus, MS
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    Crochet, Knitting, Bowling
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    Accounts Payable Administrator
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    Crochet - Purses Knitting - Socks!
  1. Don't you just love Lily's patterns??? Great job!
  2. CDBear

    My hat

    Awesome!! Where did you find the pattern?
  3. Well, thanks ever so much for 2 hours LOST!! I click your linky, and look at posts all the way back to January. Then there was a link to CakeWrecks, which lead me to spend another hour not doing what I'm supposed to be doing...... LOL!!!!
  4. CDBear

    My new baby

    What an adorable baby!!! Your story brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad Molly came to you at just the right time......
  5. What an adorable bunny! Congratulations!
  6. Wow!! Very pretty! That sweater is on my list, along with Mr. Greenjeans. I already have my yarn - Cascade 220 in Heather Gray.
  7. Well done!!!! It's gorgeous! What yarn did you use?
  8. Congratulations on finishing your socks!!! Great job!!
  9. They also have Stitch N Pitch events at AA and AAA ballgames too!! The Memphis Redbirds is having one on the 28th of June. If you are interested, a LYS in Southaven, MS is organizing the event. Hank of Yarn
  10. OMG!!!! That's beautiful!!!! What a wonderful job you did!! I love making lace! I caught the lace bug while making socks, and decided to try a shawl. I'm making the Vine Stitch Wrap from Vogue's Knitting on the Go, and it's turning out great.
  11. CDBear

    Monkey Socks

    Great job!! I have Monkey on my list........
  12. He's so cute!!! Thanks for sharing him with us!! I went surfing a bit more on that site, and downloaded the bedsock pattern and a couple of the bag patterns too!!
  13. CDBear

    New Bear

    How sweet! What a great job!!
  14. What an awesome gift!!! Enjoy it......I know you will!!!
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