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  1. Hey All, I'm headed out of town for the weekend and will not have internet, but I will be back to check in Monday! Hope all is well with each of you! Enjoy your weekend!
  2. Thank you both so very very much!! I am looking forward to making a drop at the hospital a little later this month. I will have the blog updated later today with these wonderful pictures
  3. The next package came from Wendy and her mom and contained 26 bookmarks 5 tissue box covers 2 totes 1 lapghan Here are the pictures
  4. I recently received two wonderful packages! The first one came from Mom-of-4 And it contained five very cute baby hats and five great eyeglass cases!
  5. Hi all! I finished a crib sized blanket to donate last night, its a ripple and boy did those ends take a bit of time to weave in. Gotta run to work now, but i'll get a picture up soon!
  6. Hi Everyone! Just popping in to say Hi! I updated the blog (addy in my sig.) so if you want to check out all of the great items received so far without scrolling through all the pages here that's the place to do it!
  7. Oh my! I just popped back in here to see no pictures uploaded... it must have failed My apologies Here are the 12 lovely hats that I recently received!! Thank You:yay:yay:manyheart:yay:yay
  8. Hi Everyone! I received a package today with 12 very cute newborn hats inside! They are awesome. Batteries are charging so I will get pictures up later today, but I wanted to hop in here and say thanks so much!:manyheart:yay:manyheart:hug I'm assuming these are the hats I was expecting from frgsnlzrds, but no ville name in the package so its just an assumption, we can tell for sure when I post these pictures! Again thanks so much!
  9. Here is an update of everything received for APD so far 18 squares 4 slippers 4 Comfortghans 2 scarves 4 bookmarks 7 eyeglass cases 6 baby hats
  10. Hi everyone! I had a fantastic package waiting for me at the post office this morning! In it there were four really cool pairs of slippers and a wonderful afghan that will surely keep its recipient warm and toasty! Thank You Cluless!! Clickable! The top pair of slippers is the neatest thing i've ever seen! they are all loopy which makes them look cool and makes them look super warm! For some reason my camera is having a very hard time focusing on large things like the afghan, this was the best picture out of the 7 of it I took...
  11. Hi all! How is everything going! I am about 1 ft into a scarf and about 10 inches into a baby ripple. I hope to get the ripple done today! But I also have to fit Laundry and dishes into the equation.
  12. I got a package today (well I got to the post office to pick it up today ) and in it were these three wonderful comfortghans! they are awesome and will be well loved.:yay:manyheart:yay:yay I apologize for the terrible fuzziness of the camera, its a very cloudy day here, so no good light, I'll have my DH try for some better ones when he gets home form work The images are clickable!!
  13. I also wanted to share with you the pictures of a couple of scarves i've finished The top one is a knit garter stitch in homespun yarn and is super warm and soft. The white one is a very soft but thinner weight yarn knit in a box stitch. Hope you are all doing well and thanks again for all your help!
  14. Well when I got home today I had another package waiting for me! It was from Nikkidear and it contained 6 awesome eyeglass cases and 4 very nice bookmarks! Once again these are all clickable images so click on them to take a look at the wonderful work! Thank You so much, the seniors will love these things! :yay:manyheart:yay:yay
  15. I received these squares from Pineknott yesterday... or maybe it was the day before, time blends. In any case they are fantastic! I'll add them to the collection to get put together when I have a bunch! All of the images are clickable! Thank you so much they are great!!:yay:yay
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