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    hats are my new obsession
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    self taught, did a terrible job though, lol
  1. I just wanted to thank my Fairy Godmother.. I was having a crappy day and my mom called me and told me that I got something from my Fairy Godmother, she laughed! I moved to MA so I am glad that my mom is at my old address to receive the goodness.. Anyway, it totally made my day! It's a great feeling and I am sooooo happy! I LOVE the stitch markers and the tea... yummmmmmm I hope my Fairy Godmother reads this and realizes what a difference she made in my day... <3:hug:manyheart
  2. http://www.womansday.com/crafts/12725/12-crochet-crafts.html The only depressing thing, in the magazine it says to "grab your needles and start crocheting"
  3. Hey all!! I am starting a blog on blogger and found a template that I like. The question is can I add my owe photo on the header? Or would I have to make the template myself? Thanks!
  4. Your like santa... I was searching for a cute bag last night and viola.. I find one today!! = ) How would you rate this pattern? beg, adv beg, viciouly hard
  5. Ahhh ya!! I am doing one row of FPDC and one DC alternating.. Should be small then 6 right?
  6. Hey all:) I am making a scarf using LB Jiffy for a nice chunky one!! I would like to make crochet it short side and I am having some trouble determining the length.. Doing it longways is obviously easier but I can't picture how long it should be between my chin and neck... Any suggestions as to how many chains you guys do with a scarf crocheted the short way with chunky yarn? Thanks a bunch!!!
  7. I always use one size bigger hook on the chain!
  8. You are toooo funny, it ALL started with that!! ahhaha And I just had a "a-ha" moment:idea I was not liking the waves because the skipping sts was making to big of a hole... Duh, change to a small hook!!!!!!!! I LOVE that tote and I am going to try with a smaller hook but I also would love to make it in a deep V Thank you for making things so obvious, unintentially!!!!!!!!
  9. Ok.. this is a working process.. So forgive my many posts! I am slowly understanding this.. So, if my calculations are right, I need more sts on the stright row..80 would not be enough to space out the ripples. I would need a multiple of 16 + 6 for the beginning (4th chain from hook & 2DC)
  10. I will check out the tutorial, I tried using the one from pumosemouse but it did not turn out pretty! Yea, The 80 is the last straight row and I am doing DC...I don't care how wide they are just as long as they are spaced out nicely.. The trouble is I already started the base without having a formula in mind.. maybe I should start over!!! THANKS for your help!!!
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