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Skipping Stone Pattern


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I am looking for the skipping stone circular crochet pattern.  I can't find it, I moved and lost the pattern.  I have started the afghan but now I'm in lingo trying to find the pattern on the web.  Can someone please help me out?????




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I went and googled stepping stone circular crochet pattern and found quite a few.  If you could give us an idea of what the pattern looks like.  Ravelry has on, Lion Brand has one, just to name two.  There are plenty more.

Sorry I was not better help.

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There is (a reference, not a link) of one pattern with this name on Ravelry by Patricia Hewitt, I've made a few of her patterns in the past, but her blog has since been taken down so the pattern is no longer available (too bad, I have made a lot of patterns in the past and her site was a great resource).  Here is a link to what it looked like https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/skipping-stones-circular-afghan

There is a different one with the same name on the Lion Brand Yarn site, you have to pay if you want the kit including their yarn, but the pattern alone is free.  


If you are adventurous and this is the Hewitt one, there is a stitch-count guideline to making flat circles center out in the round.  The guideline is the stitch multiples that work for most people (to keep the piece flat--US terms).  Example, for SC, you start the center circle with 6 SC and increase by 6 SC evenly spaced each round, for DC you start with 12 DC, increase by 12 DC evenly spaced, and so on; here are the numbers for SC thru DC.  




So if you have started it, and it was the Hewett one, the best thing I can suggest is study the photos and keep those stitch multiples above in mind, and try to finish it by the photo; it looks like it was mostly in DC.  (not quite a stitch diagram, but close)




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Anyone can see Ravelry pattern pages if a member sends them a link, but one has to be a member of Ravelry to look at member's projects unless a member specifically allows a project to be publicly viewable.  But yes, project notes can be very helpful (or inspiring if someone riffs a bit on a pattern you are thinking of making)

There is a button at the top right of a project page (next to 'edit project') that says 'share this', where you can choose to 'share this page with others'--Default (Ravellers only), Invite (access with link) and Public .  I would guess most members leave their projects as default, as I have - this is the first time I've clicked that button on one of my projects to see how this works, and I've been a member since 2009.



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