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School Bus Pattern clarification

MaryAnne B

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Hi, welcome to the 'ville!

I'm not finding that designer name, or by looking for 'school bus' under crochet in Ravelry - found many school bus patterns but not sure if it is one of these, but nothing resembling the author's name that you gave.

I need to scoot away for this evening, but will be back tomorrow and will try to help if I can, or hopefully more 'helpers' will check in tonite.

It might help if you can tell us why you think there's an error, example the stitch count doesn't add up from the transition from  row 5 to 6 or whatever.

Also, sometimes errors will be pointed out by others on Rav who have made the same item, if you search on the patterns' projects for 'most helpful' you might find how others worked around the error.

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