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Trouble With Pattern Phrasing



Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum!! I’m so happy I found it!! 


I’m a fairly experienced crocheter but I’m stumped on a pattern.  It tells me in a specific round to:

Repeat (2Dc. Dc.) 3x’s 

Maybe this means 2 dc in one stitch and one in the next, but it doesn’t align with the stitch number at ALL.  

I obviously understand that i need to so this three times, but I can’t figure out what the brackets are telling me to do. 


Thanks everyone! 

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Yes it means work 2 dc in one stitch and one dc in the next stitch.  You do the entire sequence within the ( ) 3 times.  

Its shorthand for work 2 dc in one stitch, work one dc in next stitch, work 2 dc in next stitch, work one dc in next stitch, work 2 dc in next stitch, work one dc in next stitch, 

From the info you have given us there are 6 stitches in the previous round and 9 stitches in this round.

If this doesnt work you need to give us more info.  If its a free pattern on the internet give us the link if not it is permissible to post a few rows of the pattern and not be in violation of copyright.

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You are starting at the bottom, which is an oval.

Think of an oval as a straightaway with 2 half circles on each end.

The recipe for a flat DC whole circle is add 12 stitches in each round.  Now I'm talking whole circle right now, bear with me:

Round 1 = 12 dc

Round 2 = 2 dc into each dc, total is now 24 dc (you've increased in every stitch)

Round 3 = 2 dc into first dc, 1 dc in next dc, repeat.  Total is now 36 dc (you've increased every other stitch

The next round you put increases into every third stitch, then next round into every 4th stitch, and so on.

Ok, changing gears to return to your oval...for a half circle you do half of the above stitch count wise, so you'd start with 6 stitches in each end's half circle. Next round is like round 2 above but just for the area covered by those original 6 stitches.  Same with round 3, and so on.

For your pattern, the first row ROUND starts with 3 dc in the the first chain, 6 dc in the last chain (which takes you around the corner to the second half of the first round - now you will be working into the underneath part of the chain, 1 dc into each 'underchain' except 3 dc into the last underchain.  If you count up the red numbers, there are the 12 stitches into the first round for the 2 half circles part of the 2 half circles + straightaway that makes an oval.  

What helps me to keep track for ovals is to mark the stitch that each half circle starts and ends with, so you can see where you need to work straight or do the circle increases.  I like bobby pins (they're cheap, don't snag and stay put) but you could use short lengths of scrap yarn, safety pins, whatever works.  Just move the marker up to the corresponding point in the next row.  You will only be increasing the half circles thru round 3, after that you just go around and don't have to worry about the circle increases.


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