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  1. Hi everyone! I’m still working away on this coat 😊 I’m a bit stuck on the sleeves (I’m a few days away from starting them). I’ve included photos and I’m stuck when it’s telling me to increase.
  2. Your response makes sense to me- and I counted and I think it means the little Vs that the pattern is making. So far I’m still on the right track!! Again, thank you SO much for helping!!
  3. Hi Granny Square! Since this is the first time I’m working with a pattern that uses a graph, it talks about motifs. This first back piece that I’m working on says it requires 19 motifs. Does this mean all three rows =one motif?
  4. I did do the SC row and it worked! I’m off and running now! Until the next snag! 😂 thank you SO much again for your help!!
  5. That’s EXACTLY where I got stuck!! How is it possible to do a post stitch on a chain? 🤔
  6. Yes! I actually have done post stitches and cabling! That’s why I’m feeling so silly that I can’t seem to figure this out. 🙈
  7. Hello again everyone! I’m about to tackle a long coat/sweater and I’m stuck on how they’re explaining the major stitch. If someone could offer some help that would be so great! I’ve included a photo.
  8. Wow! Thank you so much for replying so quickly! You’re saving me! You’re the best! I’ve included the link. It’s round three that is going awry for me. http://thelavenderchair.com/daisy-fields-beach-bag-crochet-pattern/
  9. Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum!! I’m so happy I found it!! I’m a fairly experienced crocheter but I’m stumped on a pattern. It tells me in a specific round to: Repeat (2Dc. Dc.) 3x’s Maybe this means 2 dc in one stitch and one in the next, but it doesn’t align with the stitch number at ALL. I obviously understand that i need to so this three times, but I can’t figure out what the brackets are telling me to do. Thanks everyone!
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