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2018 Temperature Afghan CAL


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The idea behind this is to record your high or low temperatures each day and crochet a row, square, etc in the color you chose. My colors are as follows for this year. 

What is a Temperature Afghan?

0-10 - Lavender
11-20 - Purple
21-30 - Royal Blue
31-40 - Light Blue
41-50 - Paddy Green
51-60 - Teal
61-70 - Spring Green
71-80 - Yellow
81-90 - Orange
91-100+ - Red

Honestly, I just chose colors IN my current stash so I didn't have to buy any more yarn. 

If anyone else plans to make one, or wants to start in, it's not too late! 

I figured I would start this thread to keep track of MINE! I will get pictures soon, and maybe figure out a way to get the pictures off my memory card onto my desktop that doesn't have a slot for it! 

MY afghan is going to be done in 2 round squares. One row in the color of the temperature listed above. One row in ILTY Cream. I'm going to attach them together with single crochet's in a calendar pattern. It will be 3 months across, 4 months down. Fingers crossed!! 

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I like this idea, and have toyed with making one. However, I have seen a lot of talk online about how huge these actually end up being. (These were all striped afghans with one row per day being done.) Have you figured out how big yours will be?  Not that I would be very likely to make anything out of squares, as I detest putting things together.  Still....you never know........


Looking forward to seeing your progress.  



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Just saw one on Facebook where she is doing one round of a square for each day, and will be making a square a month. Her January square is 14 inches already, and it looks really good.  She didn’t if each months square would be the same or different.  I’m wondering how she plans to get them all the same size too, given that some months are shorter than others.  Still, this idea appeals to me!

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when I tried this before I had decided that I would make 3 ghans. one for each quarter as that would be a good length for lapghans I donate to seniors.  one long one (365 rows by 90 sts)  would have just looked dumb... but that was mine. :rofl


PS I gave up on mine as it was so fiddly to do one row a day or even 7 a week.  I prefer to start something and just git 'er dun.



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