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Mini Style Backpack


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I am getting Xmas of to a start very early here.. I just whipped up 3 backpacks from this pattern for quick gifts that I will stuff with goodies & 2 will be shipped back east extra early for the holiday. This project is perfect for scraps........ Right now I just finished one completely as I have them in various stages of being done I am just completing the straps on 1 later today is the plan & one has LOTS of Scrap ends to weave in before I start this ones straps...




20170906_Lots of Weaving.jpg

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Thanks everyone here the other 2 I have finished and I have 2 more planned great Xmas gift planned for me :O)

I am planning to fill with random things for each person personal preferences (like gift bags) plus a $10 gift card since DD & I will do this together (to gift each person) the total cost will be around maybe? $20 spent... (the yarn cost per bag is $3.50 at most if you use something like Red Heart Super Saver however I have lots of yarn in my stash so I should be covered for Zero) I am using both RHSS and Cotton for different ones)



20170916_Andrew Mix.jpg


20170916_Scrappy Backpack Mix.jpg

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