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Cat Blankets (for practice)


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I've made a couple of blankets for my friend's cats, as they are constantly trying to lay on my yarn or 'help' me crochet. The first one is mostly pink with a bit of yellow scrap, leftover from making a baby blanket and hat for a friend's baby. I've also left a tail in chains on it for the cats to play with.




The second is what I've called "Cats Don't Care About Color" as I used leftover scraps from various things in obnoxious colors. And, as is shown by Abby here, they really don't care about the color. 


My friend has five cats, and they have been switching off who gets to lay on them, in addition to having a few wrestling matches with them. I'm pretty sure Abby lost her first match with the Cats Don't Care blanket, but wound up winning later on. 
I've also thrown together several toys that are just scraps crocheted freeform to make a string with a puff on the end, and the cats have had a blast with those. So far the most popular seems to be my doorknob hanger toy, they really seem to have fun with that one. 


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Argh. Trying to post from phone is hard.


Anyway, as I was going to say, the blankets came about because the cats are constantly laying on anything I'm working on. I probably need to do a few more maybe they won't fight over them. Lol

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Those are just cute! :)

You definitely need to make more of those blankets for them:).

My daughter have a cat name Pandy. I made few toys for her and that included a Jelly Fish (door knob hanger) I even put a little bell inside. To every one surprise she is not interested in that. I guess all of them they have a different "opinions" what they like and what they don't! LOL. And I thought that would be a big HIT, I was wrong!. She loves all the other toys.


I have pictures of some of those cat toys, I will post them here. I do not have a picture of that Jelly Fish & couple ofher toys. I forgot to take that before I mail that. I asked my daughter to do that for me, I never got them.




PS: I am planning to make a blanket for Pandy. I have that yarn it looks like a pipe cleaner ( fuzzy). Pandy just LOVES pipe cleaners! LOL

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