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On the Go Bag


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Love & Addicted to this pattern works up quickly & it can be made tall or wider to your desire!!!

I made this bag for me for lunch items (that don't need to be cold)

I am planning to make these for Xmas as gifts but also planning to add a few items to the bags :O) already getting started...Takes less the a skein of Red Heart for the size I made 12.5 wide & 10 inches high...


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I had to take a  few detours after I started my second bag for me it just needs the straps finished to create a 3rd bag for my DD #2 who was coming to town to visit :O) I also started a baby blanket 2 days ago...and yesterday I got a request from Hospice for an item they would like me to make for their PAC Unit Locations (care centers) so right now I am trying to design and create said yarn project LOL...Keep you posted on these as well.... w/ pictures when I get a few done


So here is the picture of bag #3 This bag measures 14.5 tall and wide w/ extra long straps 44 inch to allow bag to be worn like a messenger bag across the chest






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