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A "Super Bowl" Mohawk Hat

Mom w/a Motif

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Well I am almost embarrassed to post this (since they did so bad/lost), but...  I crocheted our youngest son a Broncos Mohawk hat. It was "Wear your favorite team shirt/bring a can of soup for the 'Souperbowl'" (soup drive), at his school. 


We used to live in Colorado, and someone gave him a Broncos t-shirt (he was only three then). That was it, every time he would see anything Broncos, he would get so excited, and say "Yook, Mom! Brontos!!" :P  (He couldn't enunciate his L's, or say Broncos..) :heehee    He kind of outgrew it, but..  Just kind of fun..  Anyway, here's the hat (and the shirt I got him... Sigh...  :rolleyes  )




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