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Ruffle Scarves.....


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I just love these things...... they are so easy to make and such nice gifts!

These two I made for a Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser I had for my son. 

They were Bingo prizes.... along with the Chalkboard picture frame I made.



These three I made for one of my other boys to give to a set of triplets for their birthday.







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Wow so pretty.

Thanks dear!!!


Very pretty --I've made a few BUT I do not knit too often but find it almost impossible to crochet them...so I knit them--LOL

Thank you!   I knitted one once.... I actually prefer the crochet.   weird huh?!

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I love your scarves, I made a few, but mine always turn out to full and fluffy.  I want them to be looser and less full like the knitted ones.  What pattern do you use, and any tips on what I can do to make them looser?  Wish I could knit.

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