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  1. Wow that is awesome, but don't have the time to test anything right now. I just love the animal lovies.
  2. Looks like a half circle of dc, and a row or two of increase sc, then maybe a row or two of dc no increases. Then attach to bassinet, and edge around the front. Thats just what I see. Don't look to hard to do. You just have to play around with it and tweek it to what you like. Hope this is helpful.
  3. Wow! Stunning, have to put this on my todo list
  4. oh thats so adorable, thankyou for the pattern. I have two babys to crochet for this is perfect!
  5. I will hit the big 40 this year bummer!! I started crocheting well at 9/10 maybe. My mom taught me to chain and sc. But didn't really start picking it up till about 8 1/2 to 9 years ago I think. Got into it again because I was a stay at home mom with nothing to do. So I taught myself to read patterns and took off from there. Now I have a full time job and not enough time to crochet. There should be a law that states that we crafters should have a few days a week we dont work for crafting. And we should have our own holiday. LOL!!!
  6. You ladies and your graphgans amaze me. Absolutley stunning!!
  7. Great pattern need to start making doll clothes for my AMG doll. She's Indian and would love a new wardrobe!
  8. Ok here in illiinois we had a TG&Y and it stood for toys games and yo- yo's that was when I was a wee one. I still remember going in there holding my grandfathers hand and picking out an orange yoyo with a butterfly on it. Wish I still had that yoyo. But I can't remember if there was any yarn in that store I would have to ask my mom. I remember sayelle yarn, mom used that and wintuk alot.
  9. I agree with Jean You have to feel the stitches, its the only way I learned to work with it. Its a lovely yarn its worth giving it a shot.
  10. I live about 2 hours away from you in Effingham.
  11. Thanks I have been doing it the other way, this realy helps and saves some time. Never would have thought of it.
  12. Growing up we refered to T.G. & Y as Toys, Games, and Yo Yo's.
  13. We have the Village Square Mall, which is lost alot of businesses. Walmart has gotten bigger, Menards, Sears, Kmart is still around. Rural King, got a Kohls last year. Lots of truck stops, bars, resturaunts, gas stations, hotels. Even got a theatre, The Rosebud, which is bringing in a few famous people. Here a while back we had Ron White the comedian, this month Stix is going to be here.
  14. It's changing every day. Gotten bigger. Got a brand spanken new High School a few years ago. Now their building a giant fedex building here. We are getting a lot of new places, but no LYS. Sucks!
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