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  1. Thank you!! I must have missed it when I did a ravelry search.
  2. Try Very Pink Knits on youtube, she has some great tutorials. When I don't understand a stitch I go to youtube.
  3. Love bamboo, you can find them cheap on ebay. If you really get into knitting, I love interchangables I use knitters pride. Love, Love Love them. My faves are the bamboo or the carbons. I do have some Addi turbo and Addi lace love the tips, but like the others the metal is so slick. I just bought a set of symphonie wood double points from knitters pride, haven't used them but they are real smooth. Any way I agree with magic crochet fan, ask around at your LYS maybe ask to test drive a pair see what you think. Some needles may work great for one person, but not you. But ebay is a good bet
  4. A friend of mine sent me this pic looking for this pattern. I know its around 1970's Does anyone know where i can find the pattern?
  5. I just got done with this set of hat and mittens for one of my grandsons. He's 15 months now but they will be a Christmas gift. I have 2 more sets to go for my other grandson and granddaughter.
  6. LaVonneK


    I knit my first pair of socks I love the way they turned out, but they are a tad small. Bummer. I used a sock yarn I lost the label too. The pattern is a free one from ravelry called " rose city rollers" by Mara Catherine bryner. Very easy to follow and improved my tension and my knitting in the round on dpn's. I still can't get the ssk so I just knit 2 together. Anyway here they are
  7. Pattern by DoroGato. Love this pattern
  8. This took 2 strands held together as I didn't have bulky yarn the pattern is #581 Last minute mittens by Kristen Hipsky. I didn't have the required 10 1/2 needles so I used a 10. They fit snug. Very easy pattern trying to get the hang of the thumb hole. Had to patch up a couple holes. They'll be nice and warm this winter
  9. LaVonneK

    Footie socks

    I'm looking for a pattern for footie socks ( below ankle or at ankle) for toddlers to child age 10 knit of course thanks for any help I can get
  10. LaVonneK


    Thanks ladies!
  11. LaVonneK


    Thanks ladies!
  12. LaVonneK


    Oops forgot to say the heels are different the terra cotta I didn't read the pattern right and just knit n purled. The black light ones are correct they are k1 s1 then purled
  13. LaVonneK


    Another dpn success. It's getting a little easier. 2 pair baby socks the pattern is so easy it's on ravelry for free. Super quick baby socks by blossom knitwear designs. The rust colored ones are vannas choice ww terra cotta and the multi color is red heart ww black light. Next I'm gonna try a baby hat, but I have to find or borrow from my mother in law longer needles
  14. LaVonneK


    I finally figured out dpns. I knit these up today I was surprised I had no ladders. When I used magic circle I had ladders and I had to go back and fix them so they didn't show. I used some cheap 5" bamboos I got off eBay and I think Bernard baby yarn. There wasn't a label. The pattern is off ravelry called baby mittens by sassy stitchess
  15. So cute, I love the lumberjack blanket. Been wanting to do one sometime. I will eventually.
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