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Knook Expanded Kit Coming to Amazon


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I couldn't find the thread about the expanded kit on HSN, but Amazon has a listing for just the expanded hooks, clips, strings, and plastic needles being released on Jan 31 for anyone who is interested. They are currently listing the price at $19.99. Other craft stores and Walmart etc. may also be picking it up after that date as well. I don't have any information. This doesn't include the books HSN has, but I already have one of the books they were listing so I wouldn't want the duplicates.


The listing is here.

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As far as I remember, the other kit contained 3 hooks. This 1 (out of stock on Amazon today) has 5 hooks - bigger hooks for bulky yarns.


According to a reviewer, the needles are bamboo not plastic - they certainly look wooden to me.


I understand too from reviewers that you need to use Youtube videos by LeisureArts to really get the technique, which I don't really like... Those were the videos I found when I went looking and that's how I learned to knook. :)


Never bought this set, but would like to just for testing it out purposes. I got my knooks from a Chinese company on Ebay. They call it the Amazing Needle and delivery took about a month to Barbados. (Was SO worth the wait!).

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Caveat: yeah, we did sell some sets and may even have a few around here as well as printed copies of the books. that need to be "clearanced"


Not to mention being offered on the Leisure Arts website


Your are correct, the original kit contains 3 hooks and a booklet.


The hooks are bamboo and are surported to be "carbonized" which is what gives them the much darker than you would expect bamboo color.


the term "amazing needle" is the one that was coined a number of years ago when Nancy Reinhart and Amazing Needle teamed up.


There is a plastic version, currently made in Japan was/is often called Magic Needle and the 6-7 Japanese pattern/instruction books published by Nihon Vogue refer to the tools as "Magic Needles" you can see what the three versions loook at on the front page of my yahoogroup Knitting With A Crochethook



Leisure has, 6 books in addition the less than helpful included phamplet (I knew how to knook before I read it, but had difficulty after studying their instructions)


Now that Amy has created this section, I will be letting that group know that they are welcome to migrate over here -


Actually makes sense since so many are crocheters - but make no mistake the technique is KNIT not Crochet. Does not make it bad, just makes it different.


As in you are Knitting not crochet. Those who like Tunisian, may find it even more annoying than I did <G>


I know many like the You Tube videos, but I just find that style of learning uncomfortable. I have always been best when I had a book with good illustrations and the Learn To Knook book is pretty decent. It is available in both Printed with pretty colors and Downloadable version from Leisure.


The Original set included Hooks sizes: 4.00mm, 5.00mm and 5.50

The expanded set added one larger 6.00mm and one smaller 3.50mm


For smaller and larger, I either use Denise Interchangeables


Having finally "figured out" why I don't like the Chinese version, (nothing to do with politics this time and everything to do with way to pointy ends ) I most often use Pony Tunisians hooks because I often prefer metal


I have not yet tried the Dreamz for this technique, but see no reason why they won't be just fine.


If I can answer any other questions either about the supplies, the interesting and inventive things folks have done ot make their own, or about the technique in general, I would be happy to do so.


Enjoy The Making



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