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  1. Sorry to say, but I've never gotten a love for them, neither in thread or worsted. I've seen some lovely granny patterns - even a pair of easy slippers all from the squares! It's just not my thing, no idea why.
  2. I haven't any worsted weight yarn and these would lovely for one of the free amigurumi projects I found here just today! Generous of you to share.
  3. I love Kokeshi dolls - reminds of when I used to play zOMG on Gaia Online - an online Role Playing Game on a site primarily for artists. Good times.... Now I can make one of my own (or more likely for my best friend to steal from me). Ha ha. Thanks for this - got so many patterns pending start and finish. Will try it as soon as I can!
  4. This is the sweetest bunny I've ever seen! It's so perfect. Thanks making the .pdf as well - very convenient. ^_^ I hope to find some worsted weight yarn, mostly have sports weight and finer...
  5. As far as I remember, the other kit contained 3 hooks. This 1 (out of stock on Amazon today) has 5 hooks - bigger hooks for bulky yarns. According to a reviewer, the needles are bamboo not plastic - they certainly look wooden to me. I understand too from reviewers that you need to use Youtube videos by LeisureArts to really get the technique, which I don't really like... Those were the videos I found when I went looking and that's how I learned to knook. Never bought this set, but would like to just for testing it out purposes. I got my knooks from a Chinese company on Ebay. They call it the Amazing Needle and delivery took about a month to Barbados. (Was SO worth the wait!).
  6. Been a while since last here. Since first posting, I've deviated from crochet a bit and discovered the knook - a lot of my future efforts will go into learning as much as I can about it. Fact is, I've a lot to say and have been trying to start a blog without success. It's always the same thing - you need a focus and mine tends to leapfrog randomly, at odd times too. I'm still obsessive though, but right now it's on the knook and all that can be done with it. I'm even carving tiny ones with wood and Xacto knife. Fun! Right now I want to say another big Thank you to all the members who welcomed me before. I've never really forgotten this place but life has been challenge after challenge for a while - emotional & physical - as it is for lots of us. Wrapping up: 1) I want to make a business out of my crafty, learning obsessive skills and am not sure how. 2) I'm likely to lose the Net as early as next week but will visit my Library (where surfing is free) to check and admire everything this friendly place has going on. I really do need the support of other crafters, so I'm happy to be here again. ^_^
  7. Thanks for the warm welcomes everybody. ^_^ I'll be sure to put all the interesting things I learn on here. Hoping to get a camera soon and trying to borrow one in the meantime. I crochet every day. Right now wondering how I can improve my crochet speed and saw some eye candy called Mosaic Crochet elsewhere. So many techniques, so little sleep.
  8. Hi. I'm from a small island in the Atlantic Ocean - very few craft shops here but I know them all. I'm a dabbler and have tried all sorts of crafts but crochet is the thing I fret about the most. I abhor seeing seams and love to research ways to have my work come out seamless and tidy. Same goes for my sewing actually... I'm not very extroverted so I'm hoping to find a few crochet friends on here to share my works with and help guide me along. Pleased to be meet you!
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