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Teaching my 8 year old friend.

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My job is to take care of two kids before and after school at their house until their mom gets home from work. The six year old is pretty easy going but the 8 year old can be a challenge. So she was bored and needed some attention.


I had a ball of yarn and a pink hook with me. I showed her how to make a chain and she was so excited when it was turning out like it should.


After the holidays we will learn more things together. She really likes crochet.


Any ideas on what else to work on with her? Maybe a simple purse or something.



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yay! WTG to your little friend. :) While she's chaining away, those will make fun jewelry (bracelets, necklaces (string a cute bead/charm onto the chain).) Belts, doll jewelry, stuffed dog collars :), garland...


a small purse is a great sc starter project for an 8yo, I think. If you think she has the patience, and still loves dollies, a doll blanket might be another fun project (faster than a scarf, too).


scrunchies, if she has long hair and likes to wear pony tails. I'm thinking of the chain version, where you sl st/sc around the elastic, chain a certain number (say 10), and sl st (ch)/sc around the elastic again, until the elastic is full...she may be ready to try that already!


hope this helps... :U

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You know what would be simple and maybe even 'with it' is fingerless gloves. In it's simplest form it's just a rectangle sewn part way in from both ends. The challenge might be to make 2 that match, though...

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