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Crochet! Magazine presents Celebrate the Season Magazine

LI Roe

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Well, I wandered over to Barnes & Noble today and saw not only the latest issue of Crochet Today (which was better than the last two issues) and the special gift issue (which I passed on like last year) but saw a new magazine from Crochet!!! It is Celebrate the Season, 50 fun to make patterns for everyone. Since I don't get Crochet! I picked it up, it did say it had lots of brand new designs, so I am assuming some of the others were in past issues. It was $9.99, figured why not. I had just saved over $110 in Sears (bought six pieces of clothing items, including a jacket normally $80) and my total was only $20.35 for all six, so I had to treat myself to magazines. My kind of sales.


Anyway, just wanted to let you all know.


LI Roe

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