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    Married, three children, housewife, former high school teacher
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    Schaumburg IL
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    Sewing, quilting, cross-stitch, reading and crochet
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  1. I am more of a needlework addict. I haven't been crocheting as much, but have filled in the time with cross-stitch. Other times I switch to quilting, although since I do that on my sewing machine, it is less portable and I don't do it as much.
  2. I have also found that doing something else helps. My first love has always been sewing but if I am depressed I can't do it at all. I tend to rotate sewing, crochet and cross-stitch and as some other people here have said, sometimes all I can do is start reading and forget any kind of stitching.
  3. I had a gift card from Michaels and decided to spend it on yarn. I am now in love with Red Heart Medley. I have made three long cowls with it (the ones you can wrap two or three times around your neck). It is warm and soft, the colors are beautiful. It took me two skeins and about an hour to double crochet something fun. I think any kind of stitch pattern would be lost in the thickness and colors, although other people might have different results.
  4. They are very pretty. I love to use nice yarn in scarves.
  5. I like it and there are some nice colors. It isn't usually my first choice, but it is good.
  6. Yesterday I visited this shop, which used to be in Des Plaines. It was a very friendly place and I was pleasantly surprised by the space given to crochet. Still a fraction of what knitters have, but still very nice and better than most stores I have visited. And like most such places, the yarn was luscious!
  7. Sylviaf

    Sea silk

    I haven't been crocheting much lately and so I haven't visited yarn shops. Yesterday my daughter and I were shopping and I saw a beautiful shawl made from Sea Silk. Has anyone used this? Is it difficult to crochet? All I know about it is that it is expensive and one of the prettiest yarns I have ever seen.
  8. I shop at yarn stores, Joann's, Hancock's, Michael's. I don't shop online because I want to see and feel the yarn in person before purchasing.
  9. I also like Homespun, but my very favorite yarn is actually Berroco Comfort.
  10. I live relatively near three Joann's. The closest one has a very basic selection of yarns, the next closest is somewhat better but the one a half-hour away has a wonderful selection. One of the clerks told me that they have the largest yarn department in the district and I shouldn't expect to find much at the other Joann stores. I don't really think yarn is getting harder to find, just the selection we all want.
  11. It really seems like a "chicken or egg" question: do we avoid yarn stores because we feel excluded or do they exclude us because we avoid them? My other major interests are quilting and cross-stitch and there doesn't seem to be a huge concern about buying high quality supplies with these hobbies. (With the exception of sewing machines. Many sewers are afraid to spend any money to get good machines.) As long as nice yarns, from specialty stores or craft stores, continue to be available I will enjoy using them, but while I hate to miss a quilting, sewing or cross-stitch expo, I just don't worry too much about those with yarn because I have learned that I will probably be lees than satisfied by them.
  12. It is the best organized and best moderated site I have ever seen and there are always great ideas for inspiration.
  13. I checked my current yarn stash and discovered I have yarns from Berroco, Takhi, Ironstone and Sirdar. as well as a few skens of Batika. Berroco (my favorite) actually has some crochet patterns on their site. I pretty much loved all of their scarves and shawls. I also own a book of patterns for Comfort yarns that has both knit and crochet. They do pretty well, although the balance of knit to crochet is very uneven. I typed "crochet patterns" into the search bar at Takhi and one pattern showed up. This may be a website issue, since I know I have seen crochet in some of their booklets at yarn stores. I couldn't even find a site for Ironstone and Sirdar had nothing. I still think if yarn companies want our business they should court us and they just don't. I have to assume that knitters are giving them all the business they need. If you look at the craft store yarns, they actually make an effort. I buy cheap yarns and expensive yarns, but I still don't need to pay to attend expos for the privilege of looking at projects I will never make.(As I said earlier, I usually attend with my daughter as a social event.) I don't think we crocheters are inherently cheaper than knitters or, for that matter, poorer. I do think we often feel like the poor relations. I have never been treated rudely in yarn stores, but I have frequently been met with bemusement. One shop owner told me that the only thing that even tempted her to want to crochet was some beautiful wooden crochet hooks she had gotten in (they tempted me too and I now own them---I even saved them after our house fire and, after many coats of lemon oil, still use them). I like the idea of actually checking the yarn companies' sites; I had forgotten how many pretty things I could find from Berroco, for example. I will have to look for some of the others, too.
  14. My local grocers are Target, Jewel and Marianos. We have Aldi (I have never been in one) and of course Walmart, but I mostly shop at the first three.
  15. I certainly want to see more crochet specific things: patterns, especially, but classes, tools and samples, too. I usually attend Stitches Midwest because it is held in my town. Generally I attend with my daughter and really feel pretty much excluded, although I enjoy the beautiful yarns, but it is obviously aimed at knitters. My daughter is a knitter and always finds more than she could hope to make while (except for the beautiful yarns which I can find in local stores) there is little for me. She was unavailable to attend the most recent event and I didn't even bother going. I really think that if the vendors would actually try to appeal to us, more crocheters would love to open their wallets, but I don't see why we should be grateful and jump at the crumbs we are thrown. Crochetville is the exception not the rule; it is like going to the mall in hopes of finding plus-size (or tall or maybe petite) clothing when everything is geared to average. Why waste my time in places that don't cater to my needs? We go to craft stores because we are as likely to find our tools and pattern books at Michael's (or Joann's, Hobby Lobby, etc.) as knitters are. I can't tell you specifically what I want because I don't know what the possibilities are. I want the same options knitters have: show me what I can crochet with the beautiful yarns out there and don't treat me as an afterthought. Don't have twenty patterns for knitters and a token poncho pattern for the crocheters. This sounds angry, but I am not, really. I just understand why so many people are frustrated. I can see the effort that Amy puts into promoting crochet but I feel like we have to beg other people to even recognize our existence. I also appreciate that this site is well moderated because we seem to avoid the nastiness of so many other places, but this topic of feeling excluded by the yarn world (or getting token recognition) seems like a valid concern. It isn't just the Stitches events, it is really a more pervasive feeling that knitters get to have nice things and we can just go make our potholders.
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