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  1. Where did you find out this pattern was from. I would be interested in doing it.
  2. very nice! What type of yarn did you use?
  3. Hmm , I'll look for this too!!! It's pretty!!!!
  4. very nice! Can I go shopping in your stash? Pretty please!!!!!!!!
  5. Is this pattern found anywhere else?
  6. Hmmm, I babble a lot! Lol! Just wouldn't be me if I didn't! )))) Li Roe I wish I could come and visit your yarn stash! Jayashiangel, love this new thread. Have you thought of doing granny squares or mile a minute afghans? Or there is this afghan I have on the go right now called a walk In the woods afghan from crochet world feb 2013. It is done in strips and then crocheted together. Hmmm, yarn diet, never heard of it!!! But I should. ))))))) Wish I had enough totes to organize the colors, but like LI Roe you might not see me again. )))))) I think I have too many projects on the go right now! But at least they are in tote bags and semi organized. Oh dear, I think I have babbled too long!
  7. Very pretty! Where did you find the pattern?
  8. Very pretty! Where can I find the pattern? It seems familiar!
  9. Wow, it's looks wonderful!!!
  10. I think you might half to not sure though.
  11. Hi. I am wondering if anybody has a Annie attic crochet book Jan/feb 1998 in their collection. It has the pattern you're my sunshine baby afghan in it. This is the pattern I am seeking, if you have a booklet to trade or sell. Teapot
  12. Oh it's lovely! I really half to make one of these.
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