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New 'necklaces' for my dogs


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I have three greyhounds, and they have to wear "martingale" collars when on walks. I don't like to keep those on them all the time, so I usually put their ID tags on a smaller collar.


Last night I made my two girls new "tag necklaces". (Jack already had one I like.)


Here is Rascal modeling hers. OK, so she's not really 'modeling', she's sleeping. :lol



It was really simple, I just chained about 92 (depends on the neck size of your dog, obviously!), then did sc across; at the end, I slid a little jump ring up into place [i threaded two onto the thread before I started]; then did slip stitch across the other side of the beginning chain; ending with the second jump ring slid into place and sl st into the first sc. I then took a larger jump ring (or split ring, whatever you call them), and connected the two small rings. Clipped her tags onto the larger ring, and I covered the thread where the little rings were with some heavy duty glue, to prevent it from rubbing and wearing through.


I used Speed Cro Sheen, and a C hook (I think!).


Thanks for looking!:hook

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Nice work. That looks great on your doggie. I just keep Wolfie's tags on his harness. He doesn't wear a collar because he's a puller and has to wear a harness when we are out and about.

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Theoretically, we are supposed to keep ID tags on our dogs AT ALL TIMES. It was part of the adoption agreement. I admit, they do run around the house "naked" sometimes. :blush


A martingale collar is also known as a "humane choke collar". Since greyhounds have such skinny heads, a regular collar can easily slip off. The martingales tighten up when they pull. We have over 60 martingale collars, most of which I made myself. I always say the dogs have more 'clothes' than I do! :lol

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