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  1. rascalsmom

    When choosing patterns...

    I don't like ruffled doilies. Have never made one, and never will. I also don't like really repetitious patterns, as I find that very boring...with few exceptions. I don't mind picots, have done a million of them so am used to them. I like a challenge. Mostly I make doilies, and I like unusual ones, or ones made with motifs, because they are more interesting than many doilies. I enjoy more advanced patterns, because I enjoy learning new things.
  2. I finished this doily a few days ago, it's one of Kathy's which I have wanted to make for a LONG time. I finally did. I am very pleased with it. Made with size 30 thread, a size 12 hook, and it's about 16" in diameter.
  3. rascalsmom

    Crochet and Tendonitis

    Karen, I had tendinitis in my right elbow (I am right-handed). Crocheting definitely made if feel WORSE. I went to physical therapy, and it really helped. Now my right elbow is fine. However, my LEFT elbow seems to now have tendinitis. And yes, crocheting aggravates it, too; I think because I am holding my arm in a fixed position for a long time, while crocheting. I found it helpful to crochet for a few minutes, then rest a few minutes. I don't think I ever quit crocheting *completely*, even when going to PT. I can't really answer your question about yarn vs. thread, since I rarely crochet with yarn. I would HIGHLY recommend physical therapy.
  4. rascalsmom

    A Cactus !

    VERY cute!!
  5. rascalsmom

    easter cross doily

    It's beautiful!
  6. rascalsmom

    Wreath of Roses

    Very pretty!!
  7. rascalsmom

    My Avalon Doily in the Joy Of Thread

    I love that doily, Kathy. I just wish AA would offer that book in a hard copy, and also, some photos of things inside would be nice!
  8. rascalsmom

    Angels for Hope--question

    Thanks, never thought of that!
  9. rascalsmom

    Angels for Hope--question

    I recently ran across the "Angels for Hope" website, and am interested in joining. One question though. Are these made from yarn or thread?? I would prefer thread, and would like to know before I commit.
  10. rascalsmom

    Thread crochet

    This is true.
  11. rascalsmom


    That's gorgeous!! Your friend is VERY lucky!!
  12. rascalsmom

    Two more doilies

    Both of your doilies are beautiful, Karen. One can never have too many doilies. I make doilies more than anything else--I rarely make anything else, if the truth be told. I've made my daughter promise to NEVER let my doilies go to a flea market or yard sale...I hope she will treasure them as I do. She certainly knows how much time goes into making them!
  13. rascalsmom

    Experiments with variegated thread...

    They're all very pretty, but I agree: the blue one is my favorite.
  14. rascalsmom

    Thread Holder

    I'd love to see a picture of this!