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  1. I don't like ruffled doilies. Have never made one, and never will. I also don't like really repetitious patterns, as I find that very boring...with few exceptions. I don't mind picots, have done a million of them so am used to them. I like a challenge. Mostly I make doilies, and I like unusual ones, or ones made with motifs, because they are more interesting than many doilies. I enjoy more advanced patterns, because I enjoy learning new things.
  2. I finished this doily a few days ago, it's one of Kathy's which I have wanted to make for a LONG time. I finally did. I am very pleased with it. Made with size 30 thread, a size 12 hook, and it's about 16" in diameter.
  3. Karen, I had tendinitis in my right elbow (I am right-handed). Crocheting definitely made if feel WORSE. I went to physical therapy, and it really helped. Now my right elbow is fine. However, my LEFT elbow seems to now have tendinitis. And yes, crocheting aggravates it, too; I think because I am holding my arm in a fixed position for a long time, while crocheting. I found it helpful to crochet for a few minutes, then rest a few minutes. I don't think I ever quit crocheting *completely*, even when going to PT. I can't really answer your question about yarn vs. thread, since I rarely crochet with yarn. I would HIGHLY recommend physical therapy.
  4. I love that doily, Kathy. I just wish AA would offer that book in a hard copy, and also, some photos of things inside would be nice!
  5. I recently ran across the "Angels for Hope" website, and am interested in joining. One question though. Are these made from yarn or thread?? I would prefer thread, and would like to know before I commit.
  6. That's gorgeous!! Your friend is VERY lucky!!
  7. Both of your doilies are beautiful, Karen. One can never have too many doilies. I make doilies more than anything else--I rarely make anything else, if the truth be told. I've made my daughter promise to NEVER let my doilies go to a flea market or yard sale...I hope she will treasure them as I do. She certainly knows how much time goes into making them!
  8. They're all very pretty, but I agree: the blue one is my favorite.
  9. I'd love to see a picture of this!
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