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    Sabrina - call me Breeny
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    Wife to my high school sweetie for 28 yrs. One grown son and 2 mini-dauchshunds.
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    YARN!!!!!!!!Gardening and love doing things at church..
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    RN - retired, Owner of a non-profit ministry
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  1. Oh my fantastic elf in MO....you gave me such a lift with my envelope full of FUN!!!! Calendar, cards, square, towel and lotion!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I GOT A GOODIE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonyal is a doll! I got my Christmas swap and I'm sitting here with it all around me. Pics to follow if I can find which box has my camera in it. Your snowflakes are PERFECT!!! I've tried and tried to do something that delicate and I just can't do it. The hooks are too much! LOVE the ornament. Looking forward to the cider and cocoa. Oh I so needed that box of fun. Did you paint the snowmen???? SO CUTE! Thank you a million times over. -s-
  3. After a long hard day I came home and found a goodie in the mailbox!!!! Thank you so much makinofastar for my swiffer covers! The pink, white and black variegated is almost too cute to use! Many thanks!!!
  4. ok - I've frogged my item 2 times now. Third time's the charm!!! Hang in there partner....it's coming! I hope!
  5. Definitely 'often'. Although I can avoid laundry for forever!
  6. So cute! You could turn the piggie into other animals too!
  7. Good Morning all!!! Just a quick pop in to wish everyone a great day. Off and running! :dog
  8. I am dreadfully behind on squares. We finally closed on the new house and now it's crunch time. On the 8th we can go in and start painting and moving our stuff in. We gave the previous owners an extra week to move out because the dad has cancer is it's tiring him out to do much. Anywho - When get settled I'll be back to business. Zicam really does work! Love that stuff!
  9. I'm half way there! YAY!! This is great!
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