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    divorced, work full-time, love my pets, 1 grown married daughter
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    North Florida
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    Family, cats, dogs, sewing, crafts, knitting, crocheting, gardening, shopping, travel, and reading
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    Legal Assistant
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    afghan, slippers, market bags, hats, etc.
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    Since 1975
  1. So glad to have found this now. You are very welcome AshyN.
  2. Welcome to the message board. You will find lots of inspiration here. Enjoy.
  3. Threecats

    Meet Memorex

    That's a really good copy. Nice piggy.
  4. Welcome back Shellie. Can't wait to see your creations.
  5. Welcome to the board Zach. Your post reminded me of two other guys that crochet. I wanted to pass along a link to their blog. They are Matt and Dennis. They do very colorful work. I hope you will enjoy looking at their fun projects and find lots of crochet inspiration. http://accordingtomatt.blogspot.com/
  6. Threecats

    Jade Cuffs

    That is really pretty. Love the jade.
  7. That is a super cute doll. Thanks for the location of the pattern. I had never heard of Gourmet Crochet. Lots of nice patterns there.
  8. What a clever pattern. Your afghan is lovely. I love fpdc/bpdcs. They are so much fun to do and give so much to the project. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Found this cute pattern for coasters. Looks quick and easy. Check it out: http://made-in-k-town.blogspot.de/2012/06/spiral-coasterpotholder-pattern.html
  10. Welcome from a Jersey girl. I'm from Middlesex Township, Iselin. Enjoy the board.
  11. Wow, that is so pretty. I love your work.
  12. That lapghan is really, really lovely.
  13. That's so funny because everytime I see the name of that bag I think of that Queen song. Love your bag, you did an awesome job lining it.
  14. I love big granny square afghans. I love granny squares period. Anyway, I made this to brighten up my really brown living room. ETA: It's all Red Heart Super Saver.
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